SEL on the Mind: February 2021


By Camile Earle-Dennis

Compassion in Action

As we celebrate Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share our collective commitment to compassion. Learning Sciences International (LSI)’s SEL team is demonstrating compassion through random acts of kindness.

Our SEL Team has made a commitment to demonstrating compassion in an effort to uplift, encourage, and build a beloved community during this time of difficulty. We are staying connected to you through our social media platforms to share SEL and Trauma-informed resources and offer encouragement to those who need a reminder of their courageous actions in the field. Some of us are mentoring youth and supporting new teachers as they find their way in what has become the most challenging time of their careers.

“We are demonstrating compassion through acts of kindness.”

As a team, we are committed to filling buckets. Through acts of kindness, we have learned that by focusing on filling the buckets of those we serve and serve alongside, we are simultaneously refilling our own buckets. This has allowed us to model collective agency as we strive to fulfill our social mission. We ask you to join us in our commitment to affirm and uplift one another so that we can build the beloved community necessary for creating the equitable learning communities that allow us to thrive.

Learn more about LSI’s social mission


The Science Behind Self-Care

Self-Care Isn't SelfishWe’re committed to providing science-backed tips that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Educators who participate in our Self-Care courses are learning how to thrive instead of merely survive during crises.

Adult SEL courses


Emotional Self-Management

Our unique approach to the art of co-regulation incorporates science and emotional intelligence. We help guide you toward collective agency to meet and exceed your SEL goals and drive sustainable change.

8 tips for self-management

Grief & Trauma

Educators are grieving during this critical time – not only for lost loved ones, but also for a loss of professional self-identity and normalcy. Learn more about how administrators can support teachers.

How to identify and support grief

Make a Self-Care Commitment

Self-CareMake a commitment to model self-care. Whether it be scheduling a 5-minute break during your busy day or practicing breathing techniques for 1 minute at your desk or in your workspace. Whatever you choose, we encourage you to just start. Here are some tips to help you jumpstart your Self-Care Journey.

9 daily self-care ideas

Your Humanity Is Tied To Mine

Within our small and mighty SEL Team, we share our personal stories. We call them Ubuntu stories. Ubuntu is part of a broader Zulu phrase which means I am because we are. We share our stories because we strengthen our bond and build our compassionate lenses. Through lenses of compassion, we are moved through our shared experiences which are often tied together through common threads and by way of our shared “why.” Our keen focus on our collective mission allows us to demonstrate collective agency as we serve alongside one another to meet the SEL and trauma-informed needs of the field. In honor of Black History Month and Ubuntu, we have put together a self-reflection journal page that you may utilize and share.

Ubuntu story journal page PDF

We encourage you to stay connected to us as we strive to meet the SEL and trauma-informed needs of the field. Join our Facebook Page and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Also, be sure to check back regularly to learn more about our SEL offerings and field supports. We look forward to seeing you soon in our SEL and trauma-informed courses.

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day,
Demonstrate Compassion




About LSI

Our vision for education is to close the achievement gap. Equip all students with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Expand equity by giving every child access to rigorous core instruction that empowers learners to free themselves from generational poverty.

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