Developing Student Ownership

Developing Student Ownership

Supporting Students to Own Their Learning Through the Use of Strategic Learning Practices

Robert Crowe, Jane Kennedy

Developing Student Ownership provides validated techniques that transform students from passengers in their education to active participants. 


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The most effective way for students to understand their role in learning is to get them to take ownership—a skill that can be directly taught and mastered.

All too often, students are just doing school. They come most days, they attend class, they do most of their work—but they don’t have a clear reason why they are in class besides society requiring it of them. A student who understands their role in learning is one who knows how to apply their classroom experience to new situations, engage in self-reflection and improvement, and take responsibility for their success. This book is a roadmap for teachers to increase student motivation, and thus student achievement, by increasing student ownership.

Developing Student Ownership is a comprehensive professional support for every teacher looking to increase student achievement. Robert Crowe and Jane Kennedy combine 50+ years of research, consulting, and practical classroom experience to break down 12 strategic lear­­­ning practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom climate, supported by self-assessment prompts, implementation strategies, and feedback from real teachers and students to increase the opportunities for learning for all K-12 students.

This guide answers: 

  • What is student ownership?
  • What does ownership look like and sound like in the classroom?
  • What is the teacher’s role in student ownership?
  • What are the most critical supports needed to develop student ownership?
Product Code: BPP180016
ISBN: 9781943920556 | 12/14/18
Publisher: LSI


“I appreciated this book for its real-world applications and examples of student ownership of learning in the classroom. As a site principal, having a tool that provides context and practice in an accessible format for all is important to building a common language around what we can do to build a student-centered classroom and the impact on student learning.”

— Rani Goyal, Principal, Fullerton Union High School

“The work as expressed in this book has changed the way we think about teaching and learning in general.  More specifically, it has colored greatly the way we help students take ownership for their learning through best teaching practices. Shoring up the foundation of best practice has paid great dividends towards enhanced student achievement."

— Dr. Kimberly J. Harris, CEO, K-8 Charter School

“The ideas in this book have helped me teach my third-graders how to be life-long learners.”

— Nancy Schoonover, Teacher, El Dorado Adventist School

“Through the use of these practices, student ownership has increased tenfold! My students know what they are learning and how they are demonstrating it. Furthermore, they have become self aware of their learning process and can identify and articulate when they are struggling, so I can adjust my teaching in order for them to reach their academic endeavors.” 

— Maggie Crail, Teacher, Fullerton Union High School

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