Examining Reasoning

Examining Reasoning

Classroom Techniques to Help Students Produce and Defend Claims

Tracy Ocasio, Robert J. Marzano

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This book is part of the Marzano Essentials for Acheiving Rigor Series and provides explicit steps for teaching students to examine errors in reasoning.


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Paperback (112 pages)

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Academic standards call for increased rigor, but simply raising complexity is not enough. Students need to know how to state a claim and support it with evidence. They must be able to examine their own thinking and the thinking of others. As they consider the logic in their reasoning, they become adept at examining errors, identifying flawed logic, and, ultimately, deepening their understanding of the content.

Examining Reasoning: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Produce and Defend Claims explores explicit techniques for mastering this crucial strategy of instructional practice. It includes:

• Explicit steps for implementation
• Recommendations for monitoring students’ ability to examine errors in reasoning
• Adaptations for students who struggle, have special needs, or excel in learning
• Examples and nonexamples from classroom practice
• Common mistakes and ways to avoid them

The Essentials for Achieving Rigor series of instructional guides helps educators become highly skilled at implementing, monitoring, and adapting instruction. Put it to practical use immediately, adopting day-to-day examples as models for application in your own classroom.

Product Code: BPP140007
ISBN: 9781941112069 | 12/01/14
Publisher: LSI


“With Examining Reasoning, often I found myself stopping and jotting down ideas that I will use in my own classes, ideas that I am certain will make my students better writers and thinkers.”

—Aaron Sitze, NBCT, 2013 Oregon Teacher of the Year finalist

“Beneficial to even the most experienced and effective teachers, Examining Reasoning aids teachers in helping their students recognize and understand their mistakes in reasoning. This book is a valuable professional development tool to use as a springboard to improve teaching performance.”

—Amanda J. Bush, 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year finalist

Examining Reasoning is written in teacher-friendly terms, and the techniques to achieve deeper student reasoning make a significant contribution to the teacher’s primary toolkit.”

—Mary Lu Hutchins, 2009 West Virginia Teacher of the Year

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