Preparing Students for Writing Beyond School

Preparing Students for Writing Beyond School

Maria Grant, Diane Lapp, Marisol Thayre

This working guidebook explores how to teach students to become more effective writers and communicators in the real world, after school.

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What Happens in English Class Shouldn’t Stay There  

There is an endless list of authentic tasks that students will need to engage with every day of their professional livesfrom making a phone call to fellow experts and presenting to nonexperts, to reading technical instructions or reports and writing proposals or emailing inquiries. The ability to communicate many ideas to a variety of audiences with an ever-increasing range of tools is critical to any path students end up followingbut the way schools engage with literacy skills leaves an enormous gap between what students are confident in, and what real life will expect from them 

Lapp, Grant, and Thayre want to eliminate this learning curve by expanding the narrow range of communication skills we empower students to become experts in. Using what you know about teaching language selection, tone, voice, audience, organization, and stylethis guide will help you to broaden your students exposure and deepen their insights through: 

  • Sample lessons 

  • Rubrics and Notes 

  • Tools and Activities 

  • Professional Models 

  • Dry-erase Reusable Outlines 

Through a real-world lens, this guide is an engaging exploration of the most critical components of communicationIt is the most effective way to transform your instruction into something that actually prepares students for writing beyond school.  

Product Code: BPP190010
ISBN: 9781943920747 | 09/18/19
Publisher: LSI