The FIVES Reading Comprehension Pack

The FIVES Reading Comprehension Pack

Book + Quick Reference Guide

Mary Shea, Nancy Roberts

The FIVES Reading Comprehension Pack, which includes the book The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension and a companion four-page quick reference guide, shows teachers how to help students develop strong writing, language, and literacy skills by focusing on facts, inferences, vocabulary, experiences, and summary (FIVES). Teachers will explore intervention strategies for various groups, such as English language learners, and discover new ways to help them meet Common Core State Standards.


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Today’s learners must master more than just reading words and copying text. They need to excel at asking questions and forming independent ideas around the content they encounter.

The FIVES Reading Comprehension Pack combines the research-based book The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension and a companion four-page quick reference guide for complete access to the FIVES strategy: Facts, Inferences, Vocabulary, Experiences, Summary. The research-based book provides an in-depth look at how teachers can help students develop strong reading, writing, language, and literacy skills, as well as the ability to listen, view, and visually represent complex concepts about authentic texts and real-world issues. Readers will explore:

  • Intervention strategies for various groups
  • Working with English language learners
  • Meeting Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Discussions that enhance learning and build community

The companion guide offers at-a-glance information on the book’s most important classroom applications. It includes a sample worksheet/questionnaire for students, a rubric for assessing student responses, and a guideline for teaching students how to turn their responses into cohesive essays.

The FIVES Reading Comprehension Pack delivers the power of a solid literacy strategy that teachers of all grade levels can use.

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