3 ELA Actions to Raise Student Achievement

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In 3 ELA Actions to Raise Student Achievement, participants will focus on the classroom that meets the demands of subject-area classroom actions and practices for their State’s College and Career-Ready Standards. Adapting instruction to meet the shifts can seem daunting, but in this session, participants learn strategies to help ensure lesson plans and instructional practices guide all students to equity and access in meeting the full intent and rigor of the standards. Discover powerful tools to help implement a thriving classroom culture where every student has an opportunity to become successful.


  • The Core Actions and instructional shifts are put into a simpler context for participants to understand.
  • Participants learn the 3 Core Actions, how to plan for the 3 Core Actions, and how implementation will improve student learning.


  • Participants will understand the core practices to provide rigorous, student-driven classroom instruction.
  • Participants will determine qualitative, quantitative dimensions, reader and task considerations motivation, knowledge, and experience of readers) of text and learn how to use these considerations when planning lessons/units.
  • Participants will determine how the 3 Core Actions influence planning, instruction, and routines.

Participants will evaluate lessons and create questions/tasks aligned to the College and Career Standards and core practices to provide equity and access for all students.

Up to 50 people

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Building Leaders
  • District Curriculum Staff
  • Instructional Coaches

1 Day

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3 ELA Actions to Raise Student Achievement

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