Building Routines

This session explores how the Core Actions for the College and Career-Ready Standards require teaching and learning to transform. What does this mean for daily literacy and mathematics routines and approaches? Participants will delve into the non-negotiables for a classroom and establish new routines for all students to become successful.


  • This session provides participants with concrete examples of tasks, approaches, and routines necessary in ELA and/or Math classrooms.
  • As participants become more familiar with instructional routines, they are able to implement them in a way that helps students focus on learning and the aligned task.


  • Participants will understand the research behind instructional routines that will assist students in achieving College and Career Readiness Standards for ELA and/or Math.
  • Participants will determine instructional routines to utilize within lessons.
  • Participants will understand the structure of a lesson that supports the Core Actions.

35 people

Curriculum Staff


Pilot Teachers

1 Day

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