Coaching Core Actions

This is an on-site coaching session led by an LSI staff developer to build the capacity of teacher leaders. Coaches will learn to recognize quality implementation and provide feedback on the Core Actions using LSI Growth Tracker.  Teacher Leaders strengthen implementation through classroom visits and teacher feedback focused on the Core Actions. Data will be collected and shared with the school leadership team along with follow-up actions. Multiple Coaching for Implementation sessions are suggested for each PD day, with additional sessions available based on need.


  • This session provides participants with concrete examples of implementation of the Core Actions necessary in ELA and/or Math classrooms.
  • As participants become more familiar with instructional routines, they are able to implement them in a way that helps students focus on learning and the task, as opposed to adjusting to new types of learning each day.


  • Participants will determine instructional routines to utilize within lessons.
  • Participants will understand the structure of a lesson that supports the Core Actions.
  • Participants will learn to provide actionable feedback to strengthen classroom instruction.

5-6 people

Instructional/Curriculum Coaches

Teacher Mentors

Building Administrators

Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support

Varies by district

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