Creating Standards-Based Units

Help students achieve at the highest level possible by creating standards-driven units designed with the ELA/Math Core Actions as the foundation, created integrated aligned assessments within lessons, and use newly established routines from previous training. Collaborate with peers and receive feedback as you tie together the lessons learned. Participants will co-develop a curriculum unit that’s designed to fully address curriculum and learning gaps as a model unit. This process builds internal capacity as it repeats to create new units.

  • Use LSI Standards Tracker standards-based learning targets and success criteria within a unit of instruction to build students’ knowledge around an area of discipline
  • Create lesson sequences within the unit as a scaffold for students to reach the full intent and rigor of the standards
  • Create rigorous tasks that are aligned to the learning targets for each lesson
  • Create Unit Culminating Checks that are aligned to the full intent and rigor of the standards.
  • Plan for the needs of students within each task


  • The building of units is scaffolded for participants through 3 cycles of curriculum writing.
  • An LSI Curriculum Faculty member is available for the duration of the unit build.
  • Units are designed with focused intention, to include aligned tasks, standards-based routines, conversations, and assessments that reflect the Core Actions.


  • Participants will organize Learning Targets into a progression of knowledge for units.
  • Participants will evaluate and select high quality text to build concept knowledge. (ELA/Literacy)
  • Participants will evaluate standards to determine aspect of rigor and appropriate mathematical practice. (Math)
  • Participants will generate scaffolded, aligned and culminating tasks with aligned resources for a learning sequence.
  • Participants will use established instructional routines within the learning sequence to reflect the Core actions.

35 people

Development Team

3 Days

Achieve your vision of student success.

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