Reflection & Data Review

After teachers have had the opportunity to implement the pilot units, collaborative teams will review student evidence from the units to reflect on the unit implementation. Together they will review the successes and areas of needed growth to determine if any revisions are necessary. This session provides the structures and protocols for Development Teams to use when examining student work to improve instruction. As units are proven to close the learning gap amongst students, the district can scale these units.


  • Participants can reflect on their units. They use data to drive instructional decisions and revisions of the unit.
  • Participants learn a great deal from their units simply by reviewing how the units impacted student achievement, and how the units reflecting the Core Actions.
  • Participants learn to function as a PLC.


Participants work as a PLC to:

  • Discuss evidence of Core Actions and student achievement of rigorous tasks.
  • Analyze their evidence to determine if it was aligned to the Learning Targets and if the data they collected was accurate.
  • Collaborate to reflect on the lessons in the unit.
  • Plan for adjustments to the unit and instruction based on results.
  • Up to 35
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Pilot Teachers
  • Central Office/Curriculum Support

1 Day

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