Standards Mapping

This session spans two days and allows the District Office Curriculum Team to work with LSI to map the content curriculum in preparation for Creating Standards-Driven Units.


  • With guidance of a Curriculum Faculty member, participants determine focus standards, which help to create a more intentional curriculum sequence.
  • Participants will build out a full-year plan for covering the standards, preparing the units for Pilot Teachers to create lesson-level content.
  • Participants deepen their understanding of their standards.


  • Participants will articulate the importance of curriculum mapping.
  • Participants will identify the grade-level/course standards and prioritize.
  • Participants will be able to determine focus standards based on specific criteria.
  • Participants will create ELA and/or mathematical curriculum units within the LSI Standards Tracker.

5-6 people

Curriculum Staff

Coaches (if requested by Curriculum Staff)

2 Days

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