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We Help Prevent Low-performing Schools From Closing

External Management Services Led by Former Turnaround Principals Use Our Research-Based Methodology to Create a Sustainable Path Forward

You Should Be Confident in the External Management Partner You Choose to Turn Around Struggling Schools and Provide a Sustainable Path Forward

  • Does your school risk closure or charter conversion due to state mandates?
  • Is teacher retention a challenge in your struggling schools?
  • Are you looking to restore community pride and promote parental involvement in your schools?
  • Would you like to foster a school culture of student engagement with decreased absenteeism?

Get Your Schools Out of the Need for External Management and Keep Them Out

Partnering for Equity and Trust

Partnering for Equity and Trust

We help you exit external management status within the required timelines. Our field-tested methods help the cycle of low-performance and transform schools through the highest equity and access in core instruction.

Transform Classrooms Into Communities

Transform Classrooms Into Communities

Our team of external managers, led by former turnaround principals, help the school create a culture of mutual accountability between students and teachers, effective, enjoyable and active learning environment.

Rekindle the Joy of Teaching and Learning

Rekindle the Joy of Teaching and Learning

Students, teachers, and school leaders thrive. Absenteeism goes down. Teacher retention goes up. Teachers have more impact, feel more fulfilled, productive, and less stressed. Everyone holds a renewed sense of pride.

From an “F” School to a Place Where All Students Thrive

William D. Moseley Elementary School

Mosely ELA Achievement Gains
Moseley Math Achievement Gains
Mosely Date Range

Moseley's achievement scores went up for both ELA and mathematics.

My student actually asked me if he could be the team facilitator...He went from being the one who was struggling to being the leader who helps those who are struggling.

Shanna Cribbs
Fourth-grade teacher,
William D. Moseley Elementary School,
Putnam County, FL

Proven Model for Increasing Teacher Retention Rates

I've worked in education for a long time, and sometimes you have partners that come in and it's like, "Oh gosh, they're here," but not with LSI. It was a true partnership. Teachers would meet with them, and the kids had a relationship with them too. When LSI joined us, it made our work much easier and much more attainable. The beauty of LSI is it wasn't just something extra to add in.

Michelle Wilds
Instructional coach, William D. Moseley Elementary School, Putnam County, FL

Teacher Turnover at Moseley Elementary School

Moseley Teacher Turnover Decrease

Teacher turnover at Moseley decreased by 39 percent from the 2016-2017 school year to the 2018-2019 school year.

Teacher Turnover at Lakewood Elementary School

Lakewood Teacher Turnover Decrease

Core teacher turnover at Lakewood decreased by 55 percent in just one year. Twenty-three out of 33 core teachers had to be replaced in the 2017-2018 school year, while only five out of 33 core teachers had to be replaced in the 2018-2019 school year.

It's going to be really powerful in August when our scholars return, and all of our staff is here.

Stephanie Woodford
Principal, Lakewood Elementary School, Pinellas County, FL

Your Path to Rapid School Turnaround

You Schedule an Assessment

Schedule a free call with our practice leader where we listen to your challenges, what you want to achieve for your school/district and discuss our research-based methodology that produces proven results.

We Assess and Propose

We'll assess your school's situation and customize a plan and proposal based on your needs and goals that include a systems assessment, transformation operator team composition, professional development, coaching, and other resources to exit external management status quickly and effectively.

You Succeed

We execute that plan together, providing expert team members to lead the transformation, so students excel, are equipped with 21st-century skills, and your teachers are more fulfilled. And, we complete the project within the timelines required by legislation.

See What's Included in an External Management Partnership

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your External Manager Provider

Download this helpful FAQ you should ask when selecting an External Management provider to turn around low-performing schools.

PEEK INSIDE: "It's vital to have a comprehensive plan that also addresses areas such as budget, facilities, supplies, maintenance, food service, transportation, IT infrastructure and resources and more."

10 Tough Questions to Ask Every School Turnaround Company

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The Learning Sciences Promise

Students using LSI's Academic Teaming Kit

At Learning Sciences, we hold ourselves accountable to help you achieve your goals. We partner with you to ensure you can break the cycle of low performance once and for all and transform schools with a sustainable path forward.

  • Throughout the project, we conduct school board updates and community meetings to address issues and concerns before they arise and build a sense of trust.
  • We report our metrics every 30 days to ensure we are making progress and that we meet or exceed our plan for improvement, holding ourselves accountable to you.
  • We provide clear, outcome-based reports and communication that can be used to share with all stakeholders

Why Trust Learning Sciences International?

You want to be a leader of a high-achieving district, confident that the systems you put in place will quickly and permanently lift your struggling schools out of external management and other state mandates. Selecting an external manager you can trust to help you reach this goal is a difficult decision you must make carefully.

As former district and school leaders we have experienced these same challenges firsthand. We know how frustrating, overwhelming, and terrifying this can be.

That's why our expert teams, led by former turnaround principals, devoted the last several years to creating a research-based and field-tested method to turn around even the most persistently struggling schools. As your trusted partner, we hold ourselves accountable to make sure you can break the cycle of low performance once and for all and launch your schools on a sustainable path to becoming models of rigorous instruction and student engagement.

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