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Dr. Hagit Sela

Dr. Hagit Sela

Curriculum Faculty

Hagit Sela, Ph.D., is a seasoned mathematics educator. Her teaching experience includes math at the middle school and high school levels. Her passion for improving math education sparked as she discovered the need to provide unique educational approach to low-achieving students. She joined Magal, a curriculum program for high-school low-achieving students, and co-authored several teaching and learning materials to fit the needs of these students.

Dr. Sela received her doctorate in mathematics education from the Technion – Israel Institute of technology. She completed her post-doctorate work at UMD within ThEMaT (Thoughts Experiments in Mathematics Teaching) – a project in which representations of teaching in the form of animations and comics are created to support teacher PD.

As a clinical assistant professor at UF, Dr. Sela lead PD for math teachers within SunBay, a technology-enhanced research project in Palm Beach and Broward districts, and taught graduate courses within the job-embedded MAE program at UF. In her current position at LSI as Curriculum Faculty Mathematics Subject Matter Expert, she leads the development of math PD within the Standards-Driven Curriculum Practice Area.