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Jack Vesey

Jack Vesey

Jack Vesey, MSEd, has worked tirelessly facilitating cooperative leadership with teachers, students and related stakeholders for more than 35 years. This ongoing passion has afforded him leadership roles at many levels within Broward County schools. He has spent ten years as an elementary administrator and five years working in the “center” ranks responsible for students in a disciplinary setting. His first fifteen years and last seven years were spent working with students at the middle school level as an administrator and band director. He has also worked in an adjunct capacity at a local college interacting with pre-service students prior to student teaching.

The better part of his last fifteen years was spent assuming leadership roles interacting with district senior management on a host of challenges concerning schools, always staying grounded to his school-based roots. Leadership roles held include: Chairperson of Broward Middle School Principals Association (2013-2014), President of the Broward Principals’ and Assistants’ Association (2011-2012), Chairperson of the elementary principals (2003-2004), and FAEMSP board member lobbying on behalf of BPAA and FASA concerns at the state level.  

The passion that drives his decisions is simply “How does this impact my kids, teachers, staff and colleagues.” His experience at a variety of levels has afforded him keen insights regarding education in general, and more specifically what our students need to be successful in this 21st century economy. Redefining of the roles teachers play in guiding our students learning is the next logical and long overdue step.