Florida School Improvement

Facing District Managed Turnaround?

Increase Your School's Performance Within 1 Year

Rapidly Increase Student Achievement and Meet Federal and State Mandates

100% Success Rate with Florida Partner Schools in 2019

Percent of Total Possible Points

Florida Grades 2019
  • Raise school grades in one year and improve core instruction
  • Avoid state-imposed requirements for school closure, charter conversion, or management by an external operator
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida Turnaround School Supplemental Services Allocation (TSSSA)

Break the "In and Out" Cycle of Underachieving and Create a Sustainable Path Forward

Quickly Raise School Performance

Our comprehensive, integrated approach includes leadership coaching, actionable feedback, PLC support, and ongoing data analysis to drive strategies and action steps for immediate implementation.

Significantly Increase Teacher Retention

With daily PLC collaboration, leadership team and decision-making opportunities and actionable professional learning, overall job satisfaction among teachers skyrockets.

Effectively Improve Student Behavior

Through building teacher leaders capacity to support peers, classrooms buzz with enthusiasm, students self-regulate and keep themselves focused on their learning.

One of the things that drew us to LSI was that it was not program-based. Over time, we could substitute or replace curriculum materials or different programs, but the practices would remain because LSI helps to change educators' way of work, their classroom practices, and their expectations for students.

Jonathan Hinke
Director of School Improvement, Palatka, FL
Jonathan Hinke

How Does LSI’s DMT Partnership Model Work?

Establishing Supportive Conditions for Learning and Transformation of Core Instruction

Our Florida partner schools benefit from a variety of supports to exit District Managed Turnaround – or prevent the need for it. We partner together to build each school’s capacity for sustainable improvement in two phases:

  • Establishing Supportive Conditions for Learning phase ensures that the school has the strong, supportive expectations, systems, and processes that foster rigorous teaching and learning for every student.
  • Transformation of Core Instruction this phase shifts the school to engaging, student-centered, standards-based learning. Teachers and school leaders build on a strong culture of team-based, mutual support to prepare students for success in the new economy of the 21st Century

Florida's Best District Managed Turnaround Track Record

In 2018, Deerwood Elementary School and Flora Ridge Elementary School in Osceola County dropped from C to D. After a year of partnership with LSI, both attained grades to C and are well on their way to becoming B and A schools.

Deerwood and Florda Ridge

How Do LSI Partner Schools Improve So Quickly?

Quickly Raise School Performance

Our comprehensive, systemic approach to school improvement includes:

  • Professional development and job-embedded coaching for principals and the school leadership team
  • Objective, short-cycle metrics of schoolwide progress to guide leadership decision-making and action planning
  • Professional development, job embedded coaching, and resources for teachers to build capacity for rigorous core instruction
  • PLC coaching and support to build agile, teacher-led teams that swiftly identify and close learning gaps before they become achievement gaps

LSI’s DMT Model Builds Strong Leadership

Creating Systems of Accountability and Sustainability for Continuous Improvement and Equitable Access

The first thing that happens is we work together to create efficient systems and processes that ensure that each school is efficiently managed and safe – and create a supportive atmosphere where teaching and learning flourishes. The process starts with:

  • Forming strong leadership teams
  • Creating a weekly Action Board

Now leadership teams and faculty have a laid a solid foundation where they are able to create student-centered instructional systems and expectations.

  • Performing frequent classroom inspections
  • Providing meaningful teacher feedback

Using data and evidence as our guide, we inform and improve instruction to:

  • Accelerate student mastery of standards-driven learning goals

The work with LSI has definitely grown me as a leader.

Willette Houston
Principal, Bear Creek Elementary School

Using the Power of Teams to Strengthen Core Instruction – A Proactive Response to State Level Mandates

Developing a collaborative culture of teams is the key to sustainable school improvement with strong core instruction. When partnering with LSI,

School leadership teams become experts at:

  • Inspecting evidence of student learning that results from strong core instruction
  • Using short-, mid-, and long-cycle assessment data to ensure measurable improvement of student learning
  • Providing regular, supportive feedback to teachers that strengthens delivery of rigorous core instruction

Teachers grow in their instructional practice through:

  • Mutually accountable teams that are well-calibrated to classify levels of student achievement based on classroom evidence of learning
  • Feedback and reflection on the effectiveness of their lessons and observation of peers’ use of core instructional strategies

Students develop high levels of social, emotional, and cognitive skills through:

  • Working in academic teams that are mutually accountable for the quality and progress of learning
  • Collaborating on interdependent learning tasks that are rigorous and standards-based

LSI's DMT Model Helps Increase Teacher Retention

Empower Teachers as Instructional Experts, Peer Coaches, and Leaders

Teachers want to stay in schools where their efforts yield visible results in student learning, where they feel connected and supported, and where they apply their professional expertise to important decisions that improve the quality of instruction. In Schools for Rigor:

  • Teachers see rapid improvement in their students' learning, engagement, and behavior as a direct result of their growing expertise.
  • PLCs provide regular support through peer coaching and feedback, with teacher teams ensuring that everyone succeeds in moving student achievement forward.
  • Teachers develop leadership skills to guide and support their teams to continuously improved instruction.

Teachers form a strong sense of belonging and ownership of student learning at their schools once they experience the Schools for Rigor culture of high expectations, mutual accountability, collegial support, and engaged, self-regulated students.

It's going to be really powerful in August when our scholars return, and all of our staff is here.

Stephanie Woodford
Principal, Lakewood Elementary School, Pinellas County, FL

Teacher Turnover at Moseley Elementary School

Mosely Teacher Turnover Reduction

Teacher turnover at Moseley Elementary School decreased by 39 percent from the 2016-2017 school year to the 2018-2019 school year.

Teacher Turnover at Lakewood Elementary School

Lakewood Teacher Turnover Reduction

Core teacher turnover at Lakewood Elementary School decreased by 55 percent in just one year. Twenty-three out of 33 core teachers had to be replaced in the 2017-2018 school year, while only five out of 33 core teachers had to be replaced in the 2018-2019 school year.

LSI's DMT Model Helps Reduce Behavior Referrals

Foster Students' Self-Control and Ownership of Their Own Behavior

Student behavior referrals decrease as their engagement in learning increases.

Schools for Rigor builds engagement through student-led academic teams. Working together through challenging learning tasks, students develop

  • Higher level cognitive skills
  • Social and emotional competence
  • Resilience and self-efficacy

Teachers guide academic teams to assume greater ownership of learning, building the 21st century skills their students will need in future careers.

Expect Large Reductions in Student Referrals

80% Student referral reduction within one year at Lakewood Elementary School

Lakewood Behavior Referrals Reduced

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Let LSI be your partner in elevating your schools in just one year. Better still, let's make sure every school is on a sustainable path to high performance.

The 4 Key Factors that Affect School Improvement

4 Key Factors that Affect School Improvement


Download the 4 Key Factors to help in developing and revising your school improvement plans. This includes the most important elements of school improvement and their associated tasks.

We believe this can serve as a useful guide in improving school culture and moving forward.

James Mills, MEd

James Mills, MEd
Practice Leader, LSI Schools for Rigor
Read full bio

The Learning Sciences Promise

At Learning Sciences, we hold ourselves accountable to help you achieve your goals. We partner with you to ensure you can break the cycle of low performance once and for all with a school improvement plan that provides a sustainable path forward.

  • Throughout the project, we conduct school board updates and community meetings to address issues and concerns before they arise and build a sense of trust.
  • We report our metrics every 30 days to ensure we are making progress and that we meet or exceed our plan for improvement, holding ourselves accountable to you.
  • We provide clear, outcome-based reports and communication that can be used to share with all stakeholders.

Why Trust Learning Sciences?

At Learning Sciences International, we know you want to be a leader of a high-achieving district, confident in the systems put in place to support previously struggling schools. Our proven model has helped district and school partners nationwide to transform low performing schools into models of student engagement, academic rigor, and high social and emotional skill.

As former district and school leaders we have experienced these same challenges firsthand. We know how frustrating, overwhelming, and terrifying this can be.

That's why our expert teams, led by former Principals, Teachers, Instructional Coaches and District/State Leaders have devoted the last several years to creating a research-based and field-tested method to dramatically improve even the most persistently struggling schools.

As your trusted partner, we hold ourselves accountable to make sure your struggling schools can break the cycle of low performance once and for all and launch them on a sustainable path to becoming models of rigorous instruction and student engagement.

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