Florida School Improvement

In two years, Moseley increased from a “F” to a “C” school letter grade. This equates to moving 16 percent points from a 28% (F < 31%) to 44% (C> 41%)

Four Keys to Lasting Change

Assessment of school systems through LSI's scientific protocols

Needs assessments and walkthroughs using evidence-based measurements to determine the root causes of the school's struggles

Academic Teaming implementation

A daily instructional process where students collaborate, peer coach, and peer teach while engaged in rigorous, standards-based tasks

Professional development and coaching for teachers and school leaders

The school establishes a new vision for instruction where all students can thrive

Constant tracking of student evidence

Teachers and leaders consistently track progress through LSI's digital tools, allowing for timely adjustments

Moseley Elementary: From an “F” School to a Place Where All Students Thrive

“[Students] really became owners of their own interventions, wanting to move through the levels. We saw a lot of growth across the board.”

One Investment that Produces a Ripple Effect on Your Entire District

LSI partners with schools, districts, and state departments of education to advance systemic change in public education

Schools become exemplars of student-centered learning

Schools become high-performing centers of excellence that parents want their children to attend

Traditional public schools regain their place as the best choice for children, parents and communities

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