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Fall 2021 - FTEM PD from LSI | Marzano Model Teacher Support in Oklahoma
Fall 2021 – FTEM PD from LSI | Marzano Model Teacher Support in Oklahoma 
Live Virtual Professional Development

LSI and the Marzano Center have combined for timely, helpful, live virtual per seat events exclusively for our administrator & teacher partners in Oklahoma.

[ON-DEMAND] Building Expertise Educators' Conference
[ON-DEMAND] Building Expertise Educators’ Conference 
Live Virtual Conference

On-Demand Recordings for the 10th Annual Building Expertise is a live virtual educator’s conference from June 23 – 25, 2021, created by Learning Sciences International that has focused on core instruction best practice as well as teacher and leadership growth, featuring Alison Levine, Robert Marzano, Derreck Kayongo, and Michael Toth as keynote speakers.

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