Retain Principals, Develop Instructional Leaders
and Exceed School Goals

A customizable system for: developing principals into effective instructional leaders and improve school culture

Partnering Alongside Principals to Create Distributed Leadership and Build Morale

Together, LSI experts who have sat in your chair can help you address the student equity and access crisis with a vision for high-quality Tier 1 instruction. We want to prevent burnout while at the same time build a leadership succession pipeline that includes peer and district support.

By delivering access to reliable instructional data, you will be able to stay aligned to your school and district instructional vision.

You will take away actionable steps to improve the school environment in line with district goals, all while increasing the effectiveness of your core instruction and closing learning gaps.

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Penny Sell, M.Ed

KEY ROLES: Executive Director, Leadership Development and Model Schools in ARC – Schools for Rigor, Teacher, School/District-level Administrator, Assistant Principal, Trainer, Leadership Coach, Consultant

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Teacher evaluation and Marzano teacher evaluation for improving pedagogy

“One of the things (LSI’s) Instructional Leadership Institute has provided for us is consistent training districtwide. You need consistency to prevent schools from becoming islands. Pulling in the teacher coaches to go to the Leadership Institute trainings is so helpful because they can then take what they’ve learned back to their individual buildings so there is consistency across the district.” – Sarah Marxhausen, Principal, Princeton (MN) Public Schools

How We Work For You

In school after school, district after district, year after year, we’ve supported the professional development of everyone involved in education. It’s not a one-day course for us: it’s a matter of giving you the tools you can use tomorrow, the next day, and for years to come.

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Research Driven.

Backed by data, supported by proof. We know that a commitment to doing things the right way is never outdated. We evolve today so students can succeed tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable.

No two schools or districts are alike. While there are common issues and shared goals, our instructors understand each teacher’s needs, so you can succeed in your context.

Measurable and reportable.

LSI goes deep on measuring impact. We offer measurement and actionable reporting to evaluate efficiency and clearly communicate to all of your stakeholders.

Customize Your School or District’s System to Build the Best Leadership Teams

When principals are equipped with the right tools, their staffs are equipped to succeed. The end result is students achieve better outcomes.

A customized, top-down complete leadership system from LSI can help you improve overall school performance and reduce the turnover rate among principals and other school leaders.

First, we will diagnose leadership pain points via a metric-based evaluation that has delivered successful results. Second, LSI will provide you with a fully-tailored professional development course that we implement side by side with you. Third, principals will obtain actionable steps to improve school teams and environments.

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