Helping Educators Increase Student Engagement and Motivation in the Classroom

Evidence-Based, Proven Methods of School and Professional Development That Supports and Empowers Teachers and Students

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Creating Sustainable Results That Build Long-Term Growth for Schools

Every school has goals in the near and long term. Every district has ways of measuring success. Every teacher has their way of reaching students. We’re here to support all of those goals, for every school.

No matter where your district is, our exhaustive research, real-time analysis and adjustment, and proven instructional strategies will help you reach your goals.

You don’t need motivational speakers. You deserve true educational partners who are with you for the long-term.

Professional Expertise

Our team of career educators has successfully improved schools, transformed leadership, and classroom practices.

Applied Research

Tackle big issues with powerful ideas, exhaustive research, predictive modeling, and proven instructional strategy.

Sophisticated Data Tracking

See results over time, and react to data in real-time. Adapt to information as it happens.


Empowering Teachers to Be Leaders

Teachers have it harder than ever. Technological and social changes have made it harder while cultural shifts have put teachers under harsher spotlights. But we’re in your corner.

When teachers have the tools to be leaders, they give students the power to take agency over their own learning. We’re not just increasing engagement and motivation in the classroom: we’re helping you train kids to be better learners.

What do we give teachers? A commitment to shared leadership, true professional mentorship, and ownership over your own success.

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Resources to Increase Student Engagement and Motivation In the Classroom

Better teaching goes beyond PD days and school transformation. We’re all looking to continually grow in our professions. Our authors and experts have created resources and a full library so your staff has what they need to keep growing.

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Invest in Our Shared Future

Districts and schools reach their goals when teachers have the support they need to reach the students of their unique communities. We’ll work with your unique school to build continued, sustainable growth for the community. Connect with us today to get engaged.

Tackle the Top K-12 Problems With LSI’s Partnership Systems:

As your trusted partner, our team of career educators – who have sat in your seats – rely on applied research and sophisticated data tracking to implement a highly customized, long-term growth plan for your school(s).

We go beyond short-term programs, that often are compliance-driven one-size-fits-all interventions that plateau. Instead, LSI focuses on addressing root causes for sustainable growth.

The results allow teachers and school leaders to make informed daily decisions that directly impact the K12 challenges they are facing.