Ignite Core Instruction is designed to help students increase their active cognitive engagement and critical thinking skills, which are necessary to attain to the rigor of the new academic standards and skills necessary to thrive in the new economy. The path they take to get there is illustrated below.


Teacher-Centered Core Instruction

In the traditional classroom, teachers often work harder than their students, the teacher’s voice is typically heard more than students, and students tend to be more passively compliant in their learning.


Teacher-Led Student Groups

Student voices grow, and student evidences reveal increased mastery of standards as teachers transition their classrooms to more student-centered routines.


Student-Led Academic Teams

All team members own each other's learning goals and engage in peer tutoring to ensure each member achieves rigorous standards as teachers release greater responsibility to academic teams.

Academic teaming is a daily instructional process where students collaborate, peer coach, and peer teach while engaged in rigorous, standards-based tasks. It goes far beyond the familiar grouping strategies of the past and is backed by neuroscience and other scientific research. Educators in schools nationwide implement academic teaming, empowering their students to take ownership of their own learning and behavior. Academic teaming has the power to improve academic achievement and social emotional learning simultaneously, while also closing gaps between students of differing abilities, preparing students for college and the workplace, and promoting equity and access.

The Ignite Core Instruction PD series empowers teachers to increase student ownership and cognitive engagement, which is proven to raise student achievement and make teaching more enjoyable.

Ignite blends training, coaching, and a suite of classroom and leadership tools to produce sustainable transformations (with visible next-day results) in core instruction, and includes:

  • Practical, hands-on training where teachers leave with skills to use in their next-day lessons
  • Coaching for Implementation that connects the professional learning to immediate classroom actions to ensure next-day implementation results and builds the capacity of school-based coaches to help lead this work
  • School leader side-by-side coaching to build the vision, inspection and feedback skills necessary for the principal to support the focus on rigorous, student-centered core instruction
  • Real-time metrics to help lead and support classroom implementation, including:
    • LSI Standards Tracker, which helps teachers focus on evidence of standards in core instruction and monitor student progress through examination of student evidences
    • LSI Growth Tracker, which empowers teachers, coaches, and professional learning communities (PLCs) with the tools and metrics to see video examples, facilitate peer support, and award micro-credentials for teachers showing implementation evidence for their classrooms

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Classroom Implementation

Shifting from teacher-centered instruction to academic teaming is a gradual progression. The Ignite Academic Teaming professional development series takes teachers through the teaming process, team tasks, and team lessons necessary to create high-functioning academic teams.

Through Ignite Academic Teaming, educators learn to design lessons that increase the rigor of student tasks and learn to create the classroom conditions necessary to increase student autonomy from the teacher. As academic teams progress, students begin to rely on each other for support through the teaming process while they tackle challenging team tasks. High-functioning academic teams manifest true social, emotional, and cognitive learning (SECL).

Map your professional development to your implementation success

Teaming ProcessTeam TasksTeam Lessons
Team TalkTarget-Task AlignmentLearning Targets & Success Criteria
Team OwnershipPurposeful TaskMini-Lesson
Supportive TeamsRigorous TaskScaffolding Learning

Professional development topics

Session Overviews

Every student—no matter their background—should have access to rigorous classroom instruction that helps them build the skills they need to need to succeed. LSI's PD is designed to empower teachers to progressively transform their classrooms into environments that are rigorous and equitable. Each session blends training, coaching and a suite of classroom and leadership tools – with visible next-day results.

Half Days

Team Talk

Learn how to effectively implement teaming structures in their classrooms and shift teaching from direct instruction to increase student ownership of learning.

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Team Ownership

Learn how to effectively increase the use of teaming in your classroom by preparing students to use evidence to support their thinking when interacting in a group setting.

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Supportive Teams

Learn how to teach and prepare students to coach each other within their groups, allowing student teams to navigate productive struggle without seeking help from the teacher.

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Target-Task Alignment

Learn how to plan tasks that allow students to demonstrate progress toward a standard using learning targets.

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Purposeful Task

Learn how to develop tasks that are meaningful, appropriately rigorous, and will engage  students in productive struggle to increase their understanding of content.

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Rigorous Task

Learn how to support more autonomy within student teams and prepare a task that requires students to coach each other through productive struggle in order to meet the learning target.

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Learning Targets & Success Criteria

Learn how to teach students to use the Learning Targets and Success Criteria to guide their  work and strengthen a teacher’s ability to verify that learning has occurred.

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Learn how to plan lessons into mini-lessons that involve structuring classroom instruction in  chunks.

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Planning for Success

Companion support session that combines with any 3-hour professional development sessions to help participants in planning for a successful implementation. This is an opportunity for teacher teams or PLC groups to further explore the topic discussed during professional development, with the same LSI consultant, to gain a deeper understanding, answer questions, and deliberately plan to implement the topic within lessons and units.

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Full days

Forging a Vision

Learn about the vision of rigor and discuss instructional shifts in the classroom to implement that vision. In addition, learn how to plan tasks that lead students to the standards. Planning time is incorporated through the training to allow for next-day implementation.

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Igniting Student Ownership

Learn and plan to empower students to use Learning Targets and Success Criteria to own their learning, learn how to verify that learning is occurring as students work, and plan for effective student teaming structures to facilitate responsible academic student-to-student interaction.

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Engaging Productive Teams

Learn how to align small segments of a lesson to standards; support students to share their thinking with other students as they work; and support academic conversations.

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Building Team Ownership

Learn how to scaffold tasks toward a Learning Target and plan how to monitor, verify, and support students who are not moving toward the Learning Target. Prepare for students to interact responsibly by sharing their thinking using evidence.

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Coaching Improvement

Coaching for Implementation

Coaching for Implementation connects the professional learning to immediate classroom actions to ensure next-day implementation results and builds the capacity of school-based coaches to help lead this work.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is an opportunity for principals and school leaders to optimize their skills and knowledge in order to impact teaching and learning. Through coaching, principals and school leaders clarify a vision for their schools and strengthen their personal capacities to lead and influence.

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The best way to understand the amazing impacts and student gains that Ignite Core Instruction PD provides is to listen to and observe the students, teachers, and school leaders who’ve lived it. These first-hand accounts reveal the power that student-centered learning has on raising student achievement and creating more dynamic environments for learning.

Integrated Technology Tools

To supplement the powerful PD of Ignite, LSI offers a robust suite of digital and online tools to help teachers and school leaders maximize their investment and ensure even deeper, more meaningful implementation and ease of use. They include:

LSI Standards Tracker helps teachers clarify success criteria and ensure students are at the heart of learning by giving you the ability to set and track specific standards-based learning targets and monitor progress in real time.

LSI Growth Tracker records activities and monitors professional growth automatically—cutting out all the extra legwork of paper trails and post-meeting paperwork so you can concentrate on what really counts—student growth.


The Power of Student Teams

Authors Michael D. Toth and David A. Sousa present a new pedagogical model called student-led academic teaming, the most effective way to achieve true social, emotional, and cognitive learning (SECL).

"This book presents evidence that academic teaming is a sound, legitimate way for teachers to enhance learning and engage students in ways that seem far superior to traditional instruction."

– Mariale Hardiman, Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Education

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Academic Teaming