Building Team Ownership

Participants will learn and plan how to scaffold lessons and create autonomy and self-regulation in students. The training format will allow participants to plan for an immediate shift in the role of the student and provide time to plan their lesson to implement the following day. Resources for both teachers and students will be provided for teachers to use in their instruction. Participants will also learn and plan how LSI Standards Tracker will enhance this shift in the role of the student.


  • Learn how to deepen teaming in the classroom so that students aren't simply interacting with each other but learning from each other
  • Get resources that are ready to use with students the next day to help them interact responsibly
  • Understand how to plan for and verify learning that scaffolds to rigor


  • Learn to plan for how students can learn from each other using evidence to justify their thinking
  • Learn and practice how to scaffold learning within a lesson using a taxonomy
  • Learn how to plan a lesson incorporating what's been learned

(50) Teacher Mentors, Instructional/Curriculum Coaches, Building Administrators

1 day

Forging a Vision, Igniting Student Ownership, Engaging Productive Teams

Achieve your vision of student success.

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