Coaching for Implementation

This is an on-site coaching session led by an LSI staff developer to build the capacity of teacher leaders to lead the implementation work. Coaches will learn to coach content implementation using LSI Growth Tracker and strengthen implementation through classroom visits. Next-day implementation metrics will be collected and shared with the school leadership team along with follow-up actions.


  • Each session has a unique focus based on the training the district has received
  • Ability to visit classrooms and share observations for growth opportunities
  • Develop coaching strategies to support teacher implementation


  • Ability to brainstorm next steps in improving practice as instructional leaders
  • Ability to discuss coaching for growth using the Technique tools and resources in LSI Growth Tracker
  • Learning ways to provide specific feedback for growth

(5-6) Teacher Mentors, Instructional/Curriculum Coaches, Building Administrators, Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support

1 day

Any one of the corresponding PD days

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