Value Proposition/Description

For schools with teachers, coaches, and administration who are seeking to learn how to plan lessons in a mini-lesson format. This involves structuring classroom instruction in chunks that include teaching points, opportunities for students to process information, and opportunities for students to provide evidence of their learning.

As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Plan individual teaching points, scaffolding tasks, and an aligned task
  • Plan to verify learning

Supportive Accountability

There is time allotted throughout the training for supportive accountability. In order to plan teaching points, teachers will:

  • Refer to the Technique & Resources notebook
  • Use the tips and resources in Teacher Prep, Student Readiness, Student Use, and Teacher Verify to plan a lesson that includes these phases
  • Use the “Planning a Lesson” template

(50) Teachers, Teacher Mentors, Instructional/Curriculum Coaches, Administrators

Half Day

Achieve your vision of student success.

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