Planning for Success

Value Proposition/Description

To no fault of their own, districts and school leaders sometimes are only permitted smaller increments of time to provide targeted professional development to their staff (early release days, half days, etc.). However, the cost for LSI to deliver the professional learning doesn’t decrease even if the overall time is reduced from a full day (6 hours) to a partial day (2 or 3 hours).

LSI is excited to offer a companion support session that combines with any 2- or 3- hour professional development sessions to help users in planning for a successful implementation called, Planning for Success. Planning for Success is an opportunity for teacher teams or PLC groups to further explore the topic discussed during professional development, with the same LSI consultant, to gain a deeper understanding, answer questions, and deliberately plan to implement the topic within lessons and units. This session provides focused reinforcement of the professional learning topic and supports participants in developing effective lesson plans. Some potential outcomes include:

  • Meet with peers to collaborate on best practices for implementation of topics within lessons
  • Deepen understanding of the PD topic through participant generated questions and scenarios
  • Learn how to use supporting technology tools (if applicable) and data reports
  • Develop an action plan for closing the daily achievement gap by planning for common misconceptions, gathering evidence, and adjusting to help students get back on track
  • Develop a system to verify student learning based on in-the-moment student evidence so that just-in-time adjustments can get students back on track
  • If applicable, review evidence of current levels of student learning in any other PD topic previously received

Instructional coaches and teacher mentors, PLC teams and teacher teams.

Max 50 for large group; small groups in rounds of 5 suggested.

Half day

Achieve your vision of student success.

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