Purposeful Task

Value Proposition/Description

For schools with teachers, coaches, and administration who are seeking to learn how to develop tasks that are meaningful, appropriately rigorous, and will engage students in productive struggle to increase their understanding of content. This training will also include how a Purposeful Task is necessary to enhance teaming in the classroom.

As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Create a Purposeful Task with the necessary aligned components
  • Develop a plan to monitor Student Readiness
  • Identify the evidence needed to monitor technique and verify the learning

Supportive Accountability

There is time allotted throughout the training for supportive accountability. In order for teachers to prepare students to share their thinking, teachers will:

  • Refer to the Technique & Resources notebook
  • Use the tips and resources in Teacher Prep, Student Readiness, Student Use, and Teacher Verify to plan a lesson that includes these phases
  • Use the “Planning a Lesson” template

(50) Teachers, Teacher Mentors, Instructional/Curriculum Coaches, Administrators

Half day

Achieve your vision of student success.

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