Ignite Core Instruction is designed to help students increase their active cognitive engagement and critical thinking skills, which are necessary to attain to the rigor of the new academic standards and skills necessary to thrive in the new economy. The path they take to get there is illustrated below.


In the traditional classroom, teachers often work harder than their students, the teacher’s voice is typically heard more than students, and students tend to be more passively compliant in their learning.


Student voices grow, and student evidences reveal increased mastery of standards as teachers transition their classrooms to more student-centered routines.


All team members own each other's learning goals and engage in peer tutoring to ensure each member achieves rigorous standards as teachers release greater responsibility to academic teams.

The Ignite Core Instruction PD series empowers teachers to increase student ownership and cognitive engagement, which is proven to raise student achievement and make teaching more enjoyable.

Ignite blends training, coaching, and a suite of classroom and leadership tools to produce sustainable transformations (with visible next-day results) in core instruction, and includes:

  • Practical, hands-on training where teachers leave with skills to use in their next-day lessons
  • Coaching for Implementation that connects the professional learning to immediate classroom actions to ensure next-day implementation results and builds the capacity of school-based coaches to help lead this work
  • School leader side-by-side coaching to build the vision, inspection and feedback skills necessary for the principal to support the focus on rigorous, student-centered core instruction
  • Real-time metrics to help lead and support classroom implementation, including:
    • LSI Standards Tracker™, which helps teachers focus on evidence of standards in core instruction and monitor student progress through examination of student evidences
    • LSI Growth Tracker™, which empowers teachers, coaches, and professional learning communities (PLCs) with the tools and metrics to see video examples, facilitate peer support, and award micro-credentials for teachers showing implementation evidence for their classrooms

Ignite Core Instruction Session Overviews

Ignite Core Instruction is comprised of multiple, one-day sessions with integrated technology-based supports and recommended supplementary training. See below for details.

PD Sessions


In the Forging a Vision session, participants will learn about the new vision of rigorous student-centered core instruction and the alignment to new economy skills and discuss instructional shifts in the classroom to implement that vision. Significant planning time will be incorporated throughout the training to allow for immediate implementation.

Capacity: 50 Participants


  • Teachers
  • Instructional / Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators


  • Gain a better understanding of how today’s new economy demands new instructional techniques
  • Learn what a “classroom with rigor” really looks like through real-world examples
  • Collaborate to create a shared vision for achieving rigor in the classroom


  • Make a collaborative commitment to immediately implement lessons learned
  • Learn how to enhance target task alignments within teaching lessons
  • Plan for the necessary instructional shifts to get to a student-centered classroom

Pair the Forging a Vision PD day with Coaching for Implementation to maximize your outcomes.


Participants will learn to cultivate student ownership immediately in their classrooms through empowering students to use standards-based Learning Targets and Success Criteria in pairs to influence their own work and give peer feedback.

The training will also allow participants to plan for an immediate shift toward a more student-centered classroom and provide time to plan to implement the next day.

Prerequisite: Forging a Vision

Capacity: 50 Participants


  • Teachers
  • Instructional / Curriculum Coaches


  • Define learning targets and success criteria and how they map to implementation
  • Develop learning targets based on specific student needs


  • Make learning targets and success criteria accessible to students as they work
  • Teach students how to use learning targets and success criteria to influence their work
  • Build learning targets using LSI Standards Tracker

Pair the Igniting Student Ownership PD day with Coaching for Implementation to maximize your outcomes.


Building on Igniting Student Ownership, participants will learn the basics of planning and executing standards-based lessons for academic teams.

Participants will learn how to immediately support academic conversations and standards-aligned team tasks.

Prerequisite: Igniting Student Ownership

Capacity: 50 Participants


  • Teachers
  • Instructional / Curriculum Coaches


  • Plan lessons implementing the techniques learned during the training
  • Prepare students to integrate new information into their prior knowledge
  • Verify and document if students are demonstrating their learning targets


  • Teach students how to share thinking with each other as they work together
  • Help students understand their roles and responsibilities for interacting
    responsibly with each other
  • Employ customized re-engagement techniques to quickly gain student
    attention when necessary

Pair the Engaging Productive Teams PD day with Coaching for Implementation to maximize your outcomes.


Participants will learn and plan how to scaffold lessons and create autonomy and self-regulation in students. The training format will allow participants to plan for an immediate shift in the role of the student and provide time to plan their lesson to implement the following day.

Resources for both teachers and students will be provided for teachers to use in their instruction. Participants will also learn and plan how LSI Standards Tracker will enhance this shift in the role of the student.

Prerequisite: Engaging Productive Teams

Capacity: 50 Participants


  • Teachers
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches


  • Learn how to deepen teaming in the classroom so that students aren’t simply interacting with each other but learning from each other
  • Get resources that are ready to use with students the next day to help them
    interact responsibly
  • Understand how to plan for and verify learning that scaffolds to rigors


  • Learn to plan for how students can learn from each other using evidence to justify their thinking
  • Learn and practice how to scaffold learning within a lesson using a taxonomy
  • Learn how to plan a lesson incorporating what’s been learned

Pair the Building Team Ownership PD day with Coaching for
Implementation to maximize your outcomes.


This is an on-site coaching session led by an LSI staff developer to build the capacity of teacher leaders to lead the implementation work. Coaches will learn to coach content implementation using LSI Growth Tracker and strengthen implementation through classroom visits. Next-day implementation metrics will be collected and shared with the school leadership team along with follow-up actions.

Multiple Coaching for Implementation (C4I) sessions are suggested for each PD day, with additional sessions available based on need.

Capacity: 5-6 Participants


  • Teachers
  • Instructional/Curriculum Coaches
  • Building Administrators
  • Central Office Instructional/Curriculum Support


  • Each session has a unique focus based on the training the district has received
  • Ability to visit classrooms and share observations for growth opportunities
  • Develop coaching strategies to support teacher implementation


  • Ability to brainstorm next steps in improving practice as instructional leaders
  • Ability to discuss coaching for growth and nuances of the Coaching and
    Feedback Tool
  • Learning ways to provide specific feedback for growth


Leadership Coaching is an opportunity for principals and other school leaders to receive side-by-side leadership coaching by walking classrooms to examine for scientific indicators of implementation, learn how to use leading metrics to support implementation, and unlock the normal challenges of asking teachers to change their practices.

Through coaching, principals and other school leaders clarify a vision for their own schools and strengthen their personal capacities to lead and influence.

Capacity: 5-6 Participants


  • Principals
  • School Leaders


  • Learn to support implementation of Ignite in schools that have received staff development
  • View virtual classroom settings to share observations and provide feedback
  • Focus on strategies and processes unique to your district’s
    implementation model


  • Learn to optimize your skills and knowledge to impact teaching and learning
  • Clarify a vision for your school
  • Strengthen your personal capacity to lead and influence


This one-hour session provides implementation support to leaders. Coaches and school leaders look at the tool taught in the training, review building data collected by the principal prior to the session, and determine action steps for the leadership team to increase implementation across classrooms.


  • School Leaders
  • Assistant/Vice Principals
  • Coaches (up to the leader)


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The best way to understand the amazing impacts and student gains that Ignite Core Instruction PD provides is to listen to and observe the students, teachers, and school leaders who’ve lived it. These first-hand accounts reveal the power that student-centered learning has on raising student achievement and creating more dynamic environments for learning.

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Integrated Technology Tools

To supplement the powerful PD of Ignite, LSI offers a robust suite of digital and online tools to help teachers and school leaders maximize their investment and ensure even deeper, more meaningful implementation and ease of use. They include:

LSI Standards Tracker helps teachers clarify success criteria and ensure students are at the heart of learning by giving you the ability to set and track specific standards-based learning targets and monitor progress in real time.

LSI Growth Tracker records activities and monitors professional growth automatically—cutting out all the extra legwork of paper trails and post-meeting paperwork so you can concentrate on what really counts—student growth.


Who Moved My Standards?

Think it’s impossible to get teachers excited about rigorous, standards-driven instruction? Michael D. Toth’s touching parable in Who Moved My Standards? will reignite the joy of teaching and show how strong teams can tackle the tough work of meeting new standards.

The result: Students soar to new heights of achievement. With a dynamic framework for change, Toth doesn’t just leave you with dilemmas and theories. He helps you tackle shifting standards and boost teacher morale like a pro.