Coaching for Leaders


If you’re serious about high achievement, rigorous, student-centered learning must be everyone’s top priority.

If you’re serious about sustainable results, building internal capacity to support high-quality teaching must be your top priority as a leader.

When school achievement stalls, everyone is frustrated. The solution? Get your team rowing toward the same goal. You’ll be astonished at how fast you’ll get there.

At LSI, we specialize in coaching and training for small groups of building and district leaders. You’ll get expert guidance and personalized feedback, and we’ll take care of the complex work of aligning leadership practices with effective teaching.

  • Learn how to identify and support rigor in the classroom with leader trainings designed to grow instructional leadership in parallel with teacher effectiveness.
  • Hone your coaching and feedback skills through our coaching. Get answers and feedback tailored to your unique needs.
  • Get tiered support at every level, for administrators, principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders. We’ll make sure everyone is ready for the shift to rigor.

Already using LSI’s technology? Great!
We’ll embed it into your coaching for an even deeper impact.


How do you know PD is working? You’ll know when you see engaged students and rising achievement in every classroom.

How do you ensure you get those results? Research shows that peer coaching and collegial support produce a ROI like no other.

95% transference of new knowledge into practice

We help building leaders, teacher mentors, and coaches grow into their full potential, so that they can help teachers grow into their full potential.

Implementation doesn’t just sustain itself

As a leader, you’re always thinking ahead—anticipating what lies around the corner and troubleshooting future challenges. Now is the time to focus on leadership practices that won’t crumble under the weight of intense responsibilities. You’ll develop skills that will enable your whole team to envision and deliver high-impact, rigorous instruction for student learning.

Instructional leadership is critical

Now make it credible.


Study the research on how coaching impacts learning.

The most useful piece of the demonstration school project has absolutely been the coaching I get. I’m not used to getting feedback from anyone. I’m providing feedback to teachers all the time, but nobody is giving me feedback. I can bounce things off my coach, she’ll say, I see you did this, why don’t you try… I had a pre-conference scheduled and I wanted her to sit in and just listen and give me feedback so I can improve my conferencing skills.

– Mary Hool,

Principal, Sand Lake Elementary, FL


We cut out the clutter so you get the results
that you’re craving—fast.

In a jungle of mandates, programs, operational concerns, and personnel concerns, we focus your leadership on what matters: student achievement.

Benefits of coaching

  • Prioritize student-centered learning.
  • Build content-neutral instructional leadership skills.
  • Establish a common language and shared focus.
  • Scale improvement across any size district.
  • Lay a foundation for sustainable student success.
  • Support leaders at every level.
  • Troubleshoot solutions to real issues.
  • Tailor training to meet district and personal goals.

Seamless alignment, deeper impact

We’ll embed LSI products and services that your school or district is already using into your coaching plan:

  • Leverage teacher trainings on the Essentials for Rigor to build core instruction
  • Embed your school’s ongoing work with Dylan Wiliam’s formative assessment
  • Combine the Marzano evaluation system and digital tools like iObservation and Growth Tracker to streamline evaluation and professional growth


Choose from onsite or virtual options. Get help with other school leaders or work one-on-one. We tailor each session to meet challenges unique to your school or district and your goals.

At this early phase, we’re all ears. You tell us about the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll develop a learning target driven by your needs.

You’ll gather documents, artifacts, and plans. Together we might visit a classroom, observe a team meeting, drop in on your PLC, or observe a staff meeting.   

We’ll appraise the evidence we’ve gathered, focusing on what it reveals and developing an approach to meet your learning target.

We’ll help you uncover a plan to best support the implementation process and gain useful strategies for leading your team to success.

Not sure where to start?

We’d love to talk and customize your plan.