Recover from COVID-19 Learning Loss and Close Equity Gaps

A customizable system for: boosting test scores and achievement through rigorous core instruction

LSI is a School Improvement Expert with Research-Based Systems to Upgrade Your Core Instruction and Increase Achievement

During the most disruptive educational environment ever seen in 2020, the United States earned a pandemic-infused collective C grade for its K-12 educational performance. No state earned an A grade and four states received D averages.1

Improving low test scores won’t happen if you stay with the status quo. When your school or district partners with LSI, we work together on palatable solutions for teachers and leaders.

By accelerating Tier 1 learning, students can gain proficiency faster. In turn, the learning gap closes and student achievement trends upward – which can all be monitored with a classroom walk.

1 Map: A-F Grades, Rankings for States on School Quality (

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KEY ROLES: Director for School Turnaround, School Leadership Coach, Administrator, Curriculum Specialist, Coach and Teacher


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“What we’re seeing is that there is a direct correlation between the (virtual) RigorWalk score and what we see in terms of student achievement. That gives us confidence in the tool. It also allows us as a school district to be predictive in terms of what we expect to see with student outcomes and make mid-year corrections.” – Troy Knoderer, Chief Academic Officer, MSD Lawrence Township, Indianapolis, IN

How We Work For You

In school after school, district after district, year after year, we’ve supported the professional development of everyone involved in education. It’s not a one-day course for us: it’s a matter of giving you the tools you can use tomorrow, the next day, and for years to come.

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Research Driven.

Backed by data, supported by proof. We know that a commitment to doing things the right way is never outdated. We evolve today so students can succeed tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable.

No two schools or districts are alike. While there are common issues and shared goals, our instructors understand each teacher’s needs, so you can succeed in your context.

Measurable and reportable.

LSI goes deep on measuring impact. We offer measurement and actionable reporting to evaluate efficiency and clearly communicate to all of your stakeholders.


Customize Your School or District’s System
to Improve Low Test Scores

Low test scores are a symptom of Tier 1 lacking high-quality instruction or tools. This results in reluctant learners who are not engaged. When you want more support, LSI is there as your education partner to enhance teacher practice.

Interventions are important, but it’s equally important to maximize a few of those programs, not keep adding more. Instead, accelerate core instruction to strengthen teaching and work toward the complete step of closing the learning gap.

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