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Marzano Focused Evaluation Models

Our District has always treated Marzano as "the" instructional model and a tool for evaluation. It is the common language and framework that unites our District's vision and mission. It's easier to speak a common language and practitioners can see clearer connections between the Domains and how they lend to developing rigorous lessons/units.

Anthony Dougherty
Evaluation/Regional Support Manager, The School District of Palm Beach County, FL

The #1 Solution for Teacher and Leader Evaluation and Continuous Growth

One powerful way to ensure that the components of your entire system are aligned is through hierarchical evaluation.

The Marzano frameworks do just that. Now you can implement the strategies and tools proven to drive clear communication across your system, both vertically and horizontally. All with the single focus on improving student learning.

Which Evaluation Model Is Right For Your District?

The most effective school districts speak the same language. And as a leader, you play an important role in defining it. We provide a frame to measure every action you are taking in your district.

Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Model

An evidence-based protocol that is streamlined and gives complete control and understanding of the evaluation process, especially when it comes to the standards and SEL.

Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation

School Leader Evaluation Model

The only school leader evaluation framework designed to correspond to a teacher evaluation framework to maximize impact on raising student achievement.

Marzano District Leader Evaluation

District Leader Evaluation Model

Tightly integrates with the focused teacher evaluation framework to maximize district leaders' impact on raising student achievement.

Move It Off Your Desk And Take It Online

iObservation is an easy-to-use tablet-friendly platform that's a powerful resource for teachers and administrators. It collects, manages and reports longitudinal data from classroom walkthroughs, teacher evaluations and teacher observations.

It's the only authorized platform with Dr. Robert Marzano's official research-based strategies for teacher effectiveness. Get ready to dramatically improve the evaluation experience for your entire district, its leadership, teachers, and non-classroom professionals.

Proven Model Powerful Technology. Meets National and State Initiatives.


Leverage a proven system that's been refined and based on feedback from hundreds of classrooms, schools, and districts for more than five years.


Embed other Marzano Evaluation models to ensure evaluation of leaders, teachers, and other staff and reinforce your shared goal of student achievement.

Increased Achievement

Validated to improve teacher effectiveness. Studies show these effective teachers also have a direct influence in enhancing student learning and increased achievement.

The Learning Sciences International Marzano Center Promise

We are dedicated to your success. The heritage of Learning Sciences rests upon its diligent approach to evidence-based outcomes. Our new Marzano Center model for evaluations achieves significant inter-rater reliability, demonstrating higher levels of agreement among observers.

We promise:

  • Teachers will experience greater consistency.
  • Your mandates will get satisfied using less time and resources.
  • The process will yield results having superior reliability.
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