A Look Inside Kenly Elementary School’s First B and State-Leading Math Gains During Interrupted Learning

After implementing LSI’s systems for rigorous learning, the former D school that opened in 1929 in Tampa, Florida recorded the highest learning gains in the entire state for its lowest 25% of students in math.
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In the 2018-19 school year, Kenly had earned a low “D” grade in Florida’s accountability system and was just a few points from an “F.” Kenly had never achieved higher than a “C,” in the school’s history, always fluctuating between a “D” and “C.”

The school, that opened in 1929 for local railroad workers’ children to attend, has a 98% minority rate and 97% free and reduced lunch student enrollment. But in the midst of a pandemic in 2021, the school enjoyed its best learning rates.

In this new whitepaper, a consultant from LSI’s Applied Research Center addresses how LSI matched rigor with on-grade level content that focused on equity in core instruction to not only close the COVID learning gap but also make gains during a pandemic.

Also covered in this data-affirmed paper:

  • 6 key shifts that helped Kenly succeed
  • Why the principal felt like he “hit the lottery” when partnering with LSI
  • Kenly’s achievement learning gains for ELA, math, and science