Efficacy and Student Engagement: Empowering Students to Make Their M.A.R.C.

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Building student efficacy is critical for academic success. Learn more about how you and your team can build student efficacy to increase student engagement.
Join LSI’s SEL Senior Content Specialist, Camile Earle-Dennis and Consultant/Faculty Coach, Zenani Fogg, live as they discuss tangible ways educators can support students in making a M.A.R.C. in their learning communities.


CAMILE EARLE-DENNIS | Senior Content Specialist for SEL, LSI / Nationally Awarded Milken Educator |
For more than 20 years, Camile Earle-Dennis has served districts and schools as a teacher, literacy coach, district trainer, curriculum writer, national mentor, regional instructional coach, and leadership advisor. She is a nationally awarded Milken Educator and published author who uses a strength-based lens to build confidence and rebuild school and classroom communities to create a thriving culture of learning that maintains high expectations for all.

ZENANI FOGG, M.A | Consultant/Faculty Coach, LSI |
Zenani Fogg is an education leader with 14 years of experience across all school stages domestically and internationally. She is driven by the belief that all students possess gifts and talents that should be identified, valued, nurtured, and developed. Her Master’s research, which focused on the leading causes behind teacher attrition, is rooted in the theory of self-efficacy. Building teacher self-efficacy has become a key goal for Zenani as she delivers professional learning and coaches education professionals with the purpose of supporting teacher teams and the school environment.