Using Assessment to Accelerate Student Learning Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to student learning, and so getting useful, actionable information on where students are in their learning has never been more important. Unfortunately, standardized tests can’t provide that—it’s not what they were designed to do. Moreover, as recent research on human memory shows, student performance in their first days back after extended absence is not a good indication of what students know, understand, and can do.

What teachers need are ways of reconnecting students with material they may have forgotten during extended periods of remote teaching, together with instructionally relevant information on their students’ current abilities. In other words, what teachers need are strategies for “just-in-time” classroom formative assessment.

This webinar will provide teachers and administrators with the latest research evidence on why classroom formative assessment is the single most cost-effective way of accelerating student progress, providing concrete examples for use in both remote and face-to-face contexts.

Watch this ON-DEMAND, interactive session with one of the world’s most foremost education authorities, Dylan Wiliam, PhD. During the webinar, you’ll discover strategies teachers can immediately use in their classrooms to accelerate student learning.

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