Good to Great



Is your district ready to make the leap to excellence?

A good school district is the pride of its community. And sometimes it’s the good schools, the ones with strong culture and motivated staff, that most crave next-level achievement.

Ask yourself...

  • Are lessons curriculum-based . . . or standards-based?
  • Is school culture focused on teaching . . . or focused on learning?
  • Are classrooms teacher-centered . . . or student- and team-centered?
  • Is instruction building old economy skills . . . or new economy skills?
  • Are students compliant . . . or fully engaged in owning their learning?
  • Do you have islands of excellence . . . or does every school achieve at high levels?
  • Do subgroups of students lag in learning . . . or do all students succeed?

LSI can help with a district plan that takes learning from good to great.

If you’re still following on an outdated model of instruction that doesn’t reflect your ambitions for your students and staff, reach out to us.


See what Iowa educators say about their Demonstration Schools for Rigor.

Florida students made gains equivalent to four extra months of learning!

Compare teaching & learning before and after LSI.

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This is about reducing initiatives so we can have a laser-like focus on strong core instruction for every kid, every single day.


-Matt Smith,
Chief of Schools, Des Moines Public Schools, Iowa

Make the leap to excellence.

Partner with LSI and unleash your students’ full potential.



Building schools of the future is a thrilling experience--with a practical purpose. Districts who partner with Learning Sciences on a comprehensive plan often opt to create a Demonstration School for Rigor to fuel deep implementation.

Through intensive training and coaching, we rapidly build rigor and expertise in the Demonstration School. As the improvement plan rolls out across the district, faculty and administrators visit the model school to see exactly what standards-based, student-centered instruction and powerful leadership practices “look like.”

At Demonstration Schools for Rigor, educators ask questions, acquire strategies, and get energized!

Students in Demonstration Schools thrive in a dynamic environment that allows them to take ownership for their knowledge. These highly engaged students burst with pride in their school and in their own improved learning.

Teachers in Demonstration Schools also feel a new sense of pride, in mastering 21st century instruction and in seeing their students--and sometimes themselves--exceed their own expectations.

Demonstration Schools offer undeniable proof that rigorous core instruction coupled with strong leadership revitalizes teaching and learning.

Has your school got what it takes?

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Just like educators, Learning Sciences has a passion for learning--your professional learning. The secret to our school improvement success? Full-court press on implementation.

Adult learners need more than a lecture on best practice. You need opportunities to test out new strategies, to observe what happens and share insights with peers, to tweak implementation until you see what you crave: proof of increased student learning.

District success boils down to effective teachers in every classroom and effective leaders in every school. Best practice takes practice, but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re there with training, modeling, and coaching throughout implementation.

Depend on us for tiered support and shared accountability. We stand with teachers in the classroom and with leaders at every level. From PD to leadership coaching, to data coaching, we’ve got you covered.

Take the guesswork out of your investment and close learning gaps proactively with the help of our full-time, in-house research team. Access real-time metrics that clearly show whether the implementation is working. We’ll help you use data to fix problems and maximize results.

Take teaching and learning higher.

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