Outstanding Results

When students rise to the occasion and take ownership of their learning, and when school leaders cultivate a climate where learning thrives, we all win. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Demonstration Schools for Rigor inspire hope and model action! They’re living proof that the school of the future can be created today.

Demo schools show exactly what student-centered, standards-based learning looks like--what educators say and do, and what students say and do, in real time, in real classrooms. Districts working with LSI on comprehensive plans often create a model school as part of a carefully planned rollout to energize, inform, and inspire change across the district.

Student-centered, standards-based education works and is a joy to behold!

Demonstration Schools for Rigor

High Schools

  • Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts (FL)
  • Colonial High School (FL)
  • North High School (IA)

Middle Schools

  • Kingsley Middle School (MI)
  • Palm Springs Community Middle (FL)
  • South Creek Middle School (FL)
  • Weeks Middle School (IA)

Elementary Schools

  • Acreage Pines Elementary (FL)
  • Calusa Elementary (FL)
  • Clarcona Elementary (FL)
  • Findley Elementary (IA)
  • Howe Elementary (IA)
  • Little River Elementary (FL)
  • Lovejoy Elementary (IA)
  • Perkins Elementary (IA)

Regional Demonstration Schools for Rigor

Regional Demonstration Schools are a unique model for large rural regions. These schools collaborate across district lines for professional development, coaching, and implementation to maximize resources and support.

High Schools

  • ACGC High School (MN)
  • Deer River High School (MN)
  • Greenway High School (MN)
  • Princeton High School (MN)

Middle Schools

  • Princeton Middle School (MN)

Elementary Schools

  • ACGC Elementary (MN)
  • Princeton South Elementary (MN)
  • Princeton North Elementary (MN)
  • Vandyke Elementary School (MN)

Seeing is believing.

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