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LSI partners with schools and districts to make significant gains in student achievement—fast.

Our secret? We focus on what matters most: we empower teachers to deliver rigorous core instruction, and we strengthen leadership practices that support dynamic, student-centered learning.

Don’t take our word for it. Check our outstanding record in districts of all sizes. Note our partnerships with Robert J. Marzano and Dylan Wiliam, visionaries who share our passion for teaching and learning. Read the research behind our approach. Review the data on our implementation results.

Our comprehensive solutions blend real-time metrics, innovative technology, coaching, teacher training, print resources, events—the tools you need to build expertise and create vibrant learning environments.

We are making progress this year that I have never seen in my whole career. I’ve been in many districts and seen many programs, but I cannot believe what I’ve seen this year with this instructional model.


-Dr. Julia Espe,
Superintendent, Princeton Area Schools, Minnesota

LSI paid particular attention to our needs, to make sure that the quality of the training was the highest possible, and to make sure that the materials that we needed were available to us as we transitioned from the learning part during the trainings into the actual implementation.


-David Clark,
Race to the Top Coordinator, Leon County School District, Florida

Tell us your story!

Whether you require dramatic changes in achievement or simply want to make a good school even better, we can help.


At LSI, we do more than hand you a roadmap of how-to’s. We partner with you through every step of implementation to make sure you reach your destination: student success.

Effective teachers transform classrooms; effective leaders transform schools. People drive change, not programs. In the jungle of daily demands and responsibilities, we help you stay focused on what matters. Our in-house data analysts check leading indicators of progress every 30 days. If our work with you isn’t on track to succeed, we fix it.

Our service commitment:

  • We put people first.
  • We cut out clutter.
  • We scale change.
  • We walk the talk on data.
  • We share accountability, no matter what.
  • We scaffold success.

We drive change into practice, even in mega-districts with thousands of staff.

We stand with teachers in the classroom during implementation; we stand with leaders at the district when state results come in. We provide support at every level. When everyone works together to make the shift to rigorous learning, amazing results are possible!

The professional service for the last two years has been outstanding! My questions, whether by phone or email, are always tended to within 24 hours by our service team, TEAM DIAMOND!


-Gina Thompson,
Associate Superintendent, Yuma Union High School District, Arizona

Your team is exemplary in meeting the needs of small, rural districts with limited resources as they implement their teacher evaluation systems. They are unfailingly helpful, patient, and polite....regardless of how small or large the question. They present as extraordinarily competent and extremely professional, and are very welcoming and accommodating. In addition, they seem to be just plain nice folks.


-Curtis Jack,
Educational Consultant, Maine

Our vision for the future is big and bright.

Let us take you there.


There’s no universal blueprint for success, but two factors consistently drive sustainable results: rigorous core instruction and strong leadership practices. Our school improvement plans develop effective teachers and instructional leaders with aligned support across all levels.

A comprehensive school improvement plan with LSI typically includes some combination of the following elements.

At this initial stage, we’ll facilitate interviews with your leadership team, perform a diagnostic walkthrough, conduct an onsite analysis, and debrief findings.

Using the RigorWalk data insights, we’ll target actions to increase instructional rigor and strengthen leadership practices that impact learning. Each plan is tailored to your unique needs.

Next, we’ll help your teachers master the most powerful teaching strategies and skills by applying the Essentials for Achieving Rigor, based on Marzano’s Art & Science framework.

We’re passionate about coaching because it works. Leaders at every level--from district to school to classroom--will learn how to drive implementation into practice.

Every 30 days, our in-house analysts check leading indicators to make sure our coaching and PD are having the intended impact. We’ll adjust as necessary, because we share accountability.

Whether your focus is increasing rigor to meet the standards, strengthening leadership practices, or streamlining data, we have the expert consultants, resources, and tech you need.

Get the results you crave.

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