What is Schools
for Rigor?

LSI’s Schools for Rigor initiative is built upon the belief that all schools, no matter their size, socio-economic status, or current proficiency, can strengthen the instructional systems that drive student learning and growth.

This groundbreaking systems-view approach, known as LSI's School Instructional Maturity Model (SIMM), is the foundation upon which Schools for Rigor succeeds, and the idea that these underlying systems impact student achievement and development of new economy skills to thrive in the 21st century.


LSI’s Schools for Rigor focuses on developing effective teachers and leaders with aligned support across all levels. Steps include:

LSI facilitates an on-site planning day to explore desired outcomes and set criteria for successful student performance. Together, we discover how to build a culture of continuous improvement that enhances student achievement.

At this critical stage, LSI performs a diagnostic walkthrough and analysis called RigorWalk. We’ll facilitate interviews and surveys with your leadership team and debrief our findings.

We’re passionate about coaching because it works. Leaders at every level—from district to school to classroom—will learn how to drive implementation into practice, and we’ll help your teachers master the most powerful teaching strategies and skills.

No more waiting until the end of the year to gauge improved student learning. LSI uses data cycles throughout the school year to measure progress from the original baseline measures, including four instances of the RigorWalk and 30-day evidences.

In the final step to success, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have access to the complete set of LSI’s expert consultants, resources, and technology tools, all trained and designed to increase rigor to meet the standards, strengthen leadership practices, and provide you with robust data.

This includes experts from all walks of the K-12 spectrum, including district leaders, area superintendents, principals, and teachers, and it means quick and easy access to LSI-published books, presentations, and other assorted materials, as well as the ability to integrate and utilized web-based platforms designed to make implementation easier and monitoring a breeze.


  • Focus on Rigorous Core Instruction – core instruction is transformed to ignite student ownership and passion for learning
  • Teacher Empowerment – through training and coaching, teachers are empowered to transform their core practices
  • Partnership Philosophy – LSI works with you to build a practical roadmap with tiered supports and 30-day evidences

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