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Stop wondering whether instruction and leadership are hitting critical learning targets. Get objective third-party data that lets you see for yourself.

LSI’s RigorWalk needs analysis service helps school leadership teams gain powerful insight and the actionable data you need to create a road map for whole-school improvement.

We start by collecting information about current processes, policies, and systems that impact leading indicators of teacher practice and student learning. We call these critical indicators the Pillars of Rigor, because we know when you leverage their power, student achievement will soar.

We call these critical indicators the Pillars of Rigor. When you leverage their power, student achievement will soar.


Culture of continuous

Rigorous, standards-based

student-driven learning

Effective formative

data systems

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The RigorWalk process created a deeper understanding of our current status…the benefit came in the discussions and questions that occurred during the walk as much as the discussion after.

–Ryan Most,

Principal, New Stanley Elementary, Kansas


Rigorous new standards define the skills your students will need. PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and other state assessments test whether students are acquiring those skills.

Rigor lies at the heart of standards-based education. Why? Because our world has changed. Rote learning won’t prepare students for the jobs of the future--jobs we can’t even imagine today. To succeed, they’ll need to become self-driven learners who know how to continuously adapt critical-thinking skills to new situations and new problems.

But ask yourself...

  • Has classroom instruction evolved to teach those skills?
  • Are students practicing autonomous, deep learning every day, in every classroom?
  • Have educators received adequate training and support to shift to rigor?

Many educators feel unprepared and overwhelmed. In our analysis of over 2 million data points from hundreds of classrooms, only 6% of classroom tasks were focused on the kind of rigorous, cognitively complex tasks that prepare students for success.

The question isn’t “Does rigor matter?” The question is “How do we ‘do’ rigor ?”

It’s not just teachers who struggle. Many principals aren’t sure what rigor looks like in the classroom, or how to provide deep instructional leadership. No wonder so many schools see a gap between report cards and test scores! We’re only scraping the surface of what students--and educators--can accomplish.

The standards set high expectations.

We can help you soar to meet them.


Break out of disappointing cycles of investment in training that doesn’t pay off with improved student learning. We’ll help you direct your energy toward strategies proven to get the outcomes your students deserve.

Research tells us that layering rigorous core instruction with effective leadership practices spurs rigorous learning. We’ll design a plan that targets critical areas of growth in your school or district and provide tiered support services to drive deep implementation.

The first step is RigorWalk’s diagnostic assessment. We’ll use its findings to determine how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

At the end of the RigorWalk process, you will:

  • See how your present level of rigor measures up to state standards and 21st century skills.
  • Find out if you’ve been overlooking learning barriers and subgroup achievement.
  • Get a diagnosis of leadership initiatives, classroom practices, and PD already in place.
  • Identify how to prioritize improvement for sustainable schoolwide change.
  • Determine how principals can maximize influence as instructional leaders.
  • Access actionable feedback and data-driven tools for improvement planning.
  • Shorten the road to student achievement.


First we’ll call your school leaders to talk about their expectations and concerns. Our aim is to understand—in your own words—how your school defines and interprets rigor.

We’ll arrive onsite and walkthrough randomly chosen classrooms with you. We’ll measure indicators of rigor and collect evidence of student-centered, autonomous learning.

Next we’ll debrief, comparing our findings against our expectations. We’ll explore your existing systems, teams, and resources, and uncover hidden assets you can maximize.

The next steps are different for each school. We might present deeper data analysis, tailor a plan for school turnaround, or suggest tools you can leverage.

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Our partnership is grounded in a common goal: student success.