School Transformation Supports

Step Three:

Tiered Supports

To help bring your team together and ensure alignment during all phases of Schools for Rigor implementation, tiered supports are provided for all faculty members. This ensures rapid transformation of core instruction and leadership to support rigorous core instruction. Additionally:

  • Teachers receive approximately three to four professional development sessions that all classroom teachers and school leaders must attend. The PD is designed for next-day implementation and followed by next-day coaching
  • Teacher leaders and coaches are trained on how to coach and support teachers to continue and deepen their implementation including rich resources and tools. This is part of LSI’s School Leader Coaching and helps build skills of school leaders to effectively monitor teacher implementations
  • Tracking Leaders demonstrate specific student success strategies to their peers and assist in driving LSI Standards Tracker™ use and strategy
  • During weeks when an LSI consultant is not on site, school leaders receive personalized virtual support to ensure continuous alignment
  • PLC leaders are trained and supported to align their work to support the implementation for core instruction
  • Principals receive personalized leadership coaching with weekly implementation actions to ensure effective leadership focus on driving and supporting the classroom implementation

Seeing is believing.

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