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Get on closer terms with your data

To equip students with 21st century skills, educators must be fluent in the use of data as a leadership tool. They also need to demonstrate their schools are providing standards-based, rigorous instruction in every classroom. There's a problem: instructional data can be messy and processing it tricky

What if there were a fast, easy way to collect and present your data for meaningful insight? And what would it mean if you could prove exactly where your school is in terms of the standards?

LSI RigorWalk® addresses today's educational challenges with a metrics-based solution tailored to school improvement needs

Stay closely connected to instructional trends

Partner with LSI and become a master of your data. We help you quickly identify challenges, turn data into information to develop a tailored solution to remove barriers to student success.

  • Identify scientifically accurate indicators that predict academic success
  • Gain clear, graphic insights with a flexible, web-based reporting tool
  • Rapidly identify building-wide instructional trends and opportunities for school improvement
  • Receive on-site expert training from former school leaders, tailored to fit your demanding schedule
  • Recommended professional development targeted to your identified school improvement needs
Improve Student
Align to
Measure Progress of Rigorous Learning

I can honestly say that I was humbled by our first RigorWalk. After visiting 26 classrooms, it was clear that we weren’t expecting or allowing for much rigor from our students. But by the end of the year, when we went on additional walks, there was a significant improvement in overall rigor. Now, our students are engaging in more autonomous cognitively complex tasks in every classroom.

Keith Smith


Kingsley Area Schools, Michigan

Quickly move from root cause to pedagogical solution

Instantly capture, visualize, and collaborate over the most relevant metrics—curated, validated, and scientifically analyzed to have the biggest impact on student learning.

  • Visualize leading indicators of instructional trends
  • Spot areas of struggle as they happen and see the source of any issue
  • Get a snapshot of the overall quality of rigorous instruction
  • Capture data offline on any device, then automatically sync when you're back online

Our unique approach empowers your team

LSI is with you at every step to ensure your school’s unique needs are identified and your targets are met. You get one day of on-site coaching that includes training on Trend Tracker, classroom walks, findings review, then questions and answers.



  • On-site expert training on LSI Trend Tracker
  • Orientation to Trend Tracker as a measurement tool
  • Review the trends known to achieve rigor


  • Classrooms chosen for walkthroughs
  • RigorWalks conducted
  • Data collected and prepared for assessment


  • Look over your data input
  • Review the trends and visual indicators
  • Question and Answer session

Move ahead with a tailored solution to your school's identified needs

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