Trend Tracker RigorWalk

Researched and Validated

Introducing your real-time system for improving rigor in core instruction

In order to get to full instructional rigor there are three things you need to know:

  • How to define it
  • How to measure it
  • How to grow it in your core instruction

Trend Tracker RigorWalk uses scientifically validated indicators, correlated to State Assessments, to identify trends in your data and develop a clear picture of overall rigor school-wide.

The results show you where to improve core instruction practices and tag at-risk or struggling areas. Then, professional learning strategies are tailored to drive engagement in rigorous learning for all students.

LSI RigorWalk® addresses today's educational challenges with a metrics-based solution tailored to your school improvement needs

Know EXACTLY where your school is in terms of rigor—then grow forward

With LSI RigorWalk you get clear, easy-to-distribute reports that help develop a pathway to improvement. This includes continued measurements to build a rhythm of success. This simple but powerful process is perfect for schools where:

  • Teachers are teaching, but students or subgroups are not increasing learning gains
  • Core instruction lacks rigor
  • Scores are flat or declining
  • Gains are coming from intervention not core instruction

Every student deserves a fair shot at a 21st century education. So are you ready to measure and move rigor forward in your school?

Improve Student
Align to
Measure Progress of Rigorous Learning

Our unique approach empowers your team

Increase Comradery. Inspire Growth Mindsets. Achieve Sustainability.

LSI is with you at every step to ensure your school’s unique needs are identified and your targets are met. You get one day of on-site coaching that includes training on Trend Tracker, classroom walks, findings review, then questions and answers.



  • On-site expert training on LSI Trend Tracker
  • Orientation to Trend Tracker as a measurement tool
  • Review the trends known to achieve rigor


  • Classrooms chosen for walkthroughs
  • RigorWalks conducted
  • Data collected and prepared for assessment


  • Look over your data input
  • Analyze the trends and visual indicators
  • Question and Answer session

Implement a solution tailored to your school's identified needs

How Ability Becomes Sustainability

As your journey to increased rigor in core instruction progresses, our indicators show signs of change. They are likely to involve an increase/decrease or improvement, or capacity. Best of all, any needed adjustments can be made on the fly.

With LSI RigorWalk there's never any guesswork. No hoping or finding out too late nothing happened. By focusing on the areas that need improvement, every student gets a fair chance at the quality 21st century education they deserve. That's the power that makes your growth sustainable.

Indicators measure:

  • Statistics before & after
  • Structures or systems before & after
  • Intended change from PD (increased knowledge, skills, or greater capacity)

I can honestly say that I was humbled by our first RigorWalk. After visiting 26 classrooms, it was clear that we weren’t expecting or allowing for much rigor from our students. But by the end of the year, when we went on additional walks, there was a significant improvement in overall rigor. Now, our students are engaging in more autonomous cognitively complex tasks in every classroom.

Keith Smith


Kingsley Area Schools, Michigan

Ready for long-term, sustainable results?

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