Rosenshine's Principles in Practice

Rosenshine's Principles in Practice

Tom Sherrington

In this guide for principals, coaches, and classroom teachers, Sherrington highlights and enhances Rosenshine’s principles, providing an authentic lens for their use in real classrooms. These are Rosenshine’s principles in practice.


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As someone who now spends most weeks working with teachers seeking to improve their practice, the discussions I hear are not about whether or not to adopt the principles; they are about how to adopt them most effectively, more frequently, and with higher intensity.

Barak Rosenshine wrote an article in 2012 for the International Academy of Education that set out a series of 10 simple, research-based principles of instruction that make for more effective teaching. Tom Sherrington read that article, and he’s been talking about it ever since.

As a principal, coach, and educational consultant in schools across the UK, Sherrington has been adapting the Principles of Instruction to classroom use for years. What he’s found is that teachers embrace the principles like nothing else. There are no gimmicks, no fads, nothing outlandish; it’s a set of ideas that are rooted so authentically in classroom experience that they are nearly uncontentious. Teachers either recognize themselves in the descriptions, or they see obtainable models to aspire to. 

Sherrington brings his expertise to this guide, elaborating and building on Rosenshine’s principles with classroom examples, actionable strategies, and tested methods of implementation developed from real classroom experience. Rosenshine’s Principles in Practice explains exactly how to successfully and authentically make your instruction more effective.

Product Code: BPP190006
ISBN: 9781943920679 | 07/15/19
Publisher: LSI

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