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Welcome to the Science of School Improvement

For a long time, our district had been focused on programs, but we wanted to partner with an outside expert to build sustainable practices that were not reliant on a specific program. One of the things that drew us to LSI was that it was not program-based.

Jonathan Hinke
Director of School Improvement, William D. Moseley Elementary School
Jonathan Hinke

Our evidence-based practices lead to rapidly improved student outcomes and include a focus on social and emotional wellbeing for highly sustainable growth.

No matter the size, socio-economic status, or current proficiency, all schools are can elevate instructional systems that drive student learning. Schools for Rigor® is an innovative school initiative that is proven to significantly increase student engagement and performance.

Coaching & Expert Support

Expert Coaching & Support

Our highly experienced experts work with your team shoulder-to-shoulder to implement evidence-based educational interventions based on individual school and district needs.

Student-Centered Learning

Student-Centered Learning

Through our exclusive academic teaming model, teachers empower students to take ownership of theirs and their peers' learning through a student accountability system and structures for peer support.

Shared Accountability

Shared Accountability

We hold ourselves equally accountable. We do this by measuring at every step to make certain your school is hitting its goals. If not, we adjust and improve along the way to ensure you succeed!

Which Schools for Rigor Model Is the Right Fit for Your Schools?

Quality is at the heart of every LSI school improvement model. This involves a deep understanding of your schools, district and your people.

Model Schools

Model Schools Initiative

Empower students to increase active cognitive engagement and critical thinking skills, which are necessary to achieve the rigor of the new academic standards and thrive in the new economy.

Turnaround Schools

Turnaround Schools

Confidently move from mandated "Comprehensive Support and Improvement" or "Targeted Support and Improvement" through actions that meet ESSA requirements for evidence-based interventions.

External Management

External Management

Led by former turnaround Principals, this research-based and field-tested method rapidly turns around the most persistently struggling K-12 schools and creates a sustainable path forward.

The Learning Sciences Promise

LSI School Improvement Team
Your LSI Practice Leader Team

We are dedicated to your success. We promise to deliver the latest research, and the most effective strategies for making dramatic, sustainable improvements in your schools and/or district.

This includes:

  • Training and empowering teachers to stay better informed than ever before about effective practice.
  • Supporting the process of self-evaluation, using research-based diagnostic tools to identify areas for improvement, and suggesting appropriate treatments.
  • Ensure every school has the capacity to improve and ensure under performance or under-staffing is addressed swiftly.
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Together, We Can Do Great Things

Each partnership with LSI is unique and built around shared priorities. Let us help empower you to empower students so they can achieve their hopes and dreams.