Whole School Improvement Strategies

Working with teachers and administrators to exceed your unique educational goals, increase student engagement, and achieve sustainable progress.

Explore and Engage with The Science of School Improvement Strategies

Success for schools is measured by success for students. When students take control of their education, they do better in class, and in life. At Learning Sciences International, we work with teachers, administrators, and parents to build the tools that empower students.

By working hand-in-hand with schools to achieve both their measurable goals and long-term potential, we all create sustainable growth.

Driven by Research

Metrics-driven methodologies are designed from decades of research working with schools and districts across the U.S.


You have goals to hit in the near and long-term. We give you actual tools you can use to meet those goals, and more.

Flexible and Adaptable

Every school is different, with unique challenges and opportunities. We work with every school in the way that works best for them.

Sustainable Results, Year after Year

Your next grade is important. What happens after that is just as important. For decades, we’ve been working with schools to create truly sustainable pedagogy methodologies. We know that building on success is the best way to keep it going.

Our team of career educators has successfully improved schools like yours, working with your existing talents to build leadership and develop classroom practices.

It’s not a fad. We don’t do trends. We empower you, your teachers, and your students to grow.

Give Teachers Control

We support teachers in everything they do and give them practical, useable tools and methods to do the job they love.

Increase Student Engagement

Giving students the power over their own education can turn them into life-long learners, with benefits far beyond the classroom.

Keeping Pace With Change

Technological, economic, and social changes make teaching more challenging than ever. We’ll help you adjust, year after year.


Let’s Work Together To Give Every Student a Path Toward Success

No matter your school, you have opportunities to develop your teachers and empower your students. Let’s work together to get there.