Strategies for Teacher Development

Supporting Teachers By Exploring Methodologies, Pedagogy, and Future-Proof Teaching Techniques

Strengthening Your Foundation To Continually Advance Your Craft

Teaching is harder than ever. Shifts in technology, culture, and society make it increasingly difficult to reach your students. Changes in standards mean adjusting every year. But the right foundation means being able to stand firm and be consistent, year after year. That’s what teacher development at LSI is all about.

Discover new practices. Connect with your peers. Get inspired. Take your teaching to the next level.

Introduce New Content

There are new standards and curriculum every year. Learn exciting ways to integrate it into your classroom.

Reach Students Differently

How do we best get students to engage with material? Work with your peers to exchange ideas and get results.

Analyze Results

Measurement and actionable reporting to understand your successes and advance your practice in real time.

A Day of Coaching and Expert Support

Our Professional Development days are inspiring, collaborative, and focused on methodology. These days feature:

        • Training
        • Coaching
        • Technology
        • Quick reference guides
        • Free team tools
        • White papers
        • More

Professional Development Designed For Educators By Educators

Too many professional development days are about the presenters. They promote fads, or they shame teachers for not being “good enough”. They’re here today and gone tomorrow.

That’s not us. At LSI, our Professional Development teams understand your challenges. We’ve taught in classrooms. We’ve been to these days. We know that you have to find what works for you, adapting lessons to fit your style, your classrooms, and your community.

You’re standing in front of our kids, every day. We’re standing behind you.

Future-Proof Your Teaching Methodologies

Standards change. Requirements change. Curriculum changes. But what doesn’t change is how students get empowered to reach their fullest potential. When you have all the tools you need, change imposed from above don’t throw off your classroom activities.

Our Teacher Development helps you build what matters for your students, no matter what.

Increased Engagement

Students who feel motivated and empowered are more engaged, more active, and more successful.

College and Career Ready

Engaged learning means being better prepared for college and the work world.

Life-Long Development

We want students to feel empowered to learn throughout their lives. That starts with your teaching.

Empower Your
Teachers To Empower Themselves

Better Professional Development means supporting teachers so they can do their job even better. Let’s talk about what true PD means for your school.