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Increase teacher effectiveness through peer learning model

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Invest in technology that encourages professional development and elevates student achievement

Schools spend thousands of dollars on professional development, hoping to increase teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement.

And yet, leaders still struggle to know if the investment is working.

  • Are teachers implementing new strategies as a result of training?
  • Is the investment in PD resulting in higher student achievement?
  • Are all teams engaged in deep collaborative learning?
  • Are teachers getting clear feedback on how to improve their instruction?

LSI Growth Tracker ensures every teacher receives professional development that is high-quality, job-embedded, and focused on instructional strategies proven to raise student achievement.

LSI Growth Tracker ensures every teacher receives PD that is high-quality, job-embedded, and focused on instructional strategies proven to raise student achievement.

LSI Growth Tracker is not just another library of videos or online courses

Its web-based platform facilitates meetings and delivers research-based content, but the most powerful professional learning takes place in classroom practice and meaningful dialogue with peer coaches.

Affordable and scaleable, the standard package delivers the equivalent of three years’ worth of traditional PD, for a cost comparable to a single on-site PD date.


Step-by-step guidance for structuring teacher team meetings around professional development and student learning, including agendas


A learning path for working through the content


An easy-to-follow protocol for “look-and-learns” to support implementing, evaluating, and adjusting those strategies in classrooms

This rare combination of accountability within a risk-free environment leads to remarkable changes in lesson design, lesson delivery, student work, and ultimately, student achievement.

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At every step, LSI Growth Tracker documents teamwork automatically

Administrators can access reports showing their investment is paying off in regular usage and professional growth.

Teachers can rest assured that their personalized learning path, look-and-learn notes, and personal reflections remain private.

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Collaboration Improves Practice

Ensuring world-class teaching in every classroom is a tall order. But with a collaborative approach to professional learning and a focus on high-impact instructional strategies, sustainable success is possible.

Fortunately, most teachers already meet in teams. Unfortunately, planning meetings, coming up with meaningful activities, and documenting work steal precious time from the real purpose: powerful collaborative learning that changes classroom practice and impacts student outcomes.

A proven lever of deep implementation
A proven lever of deep implementation

Focuses teamwork on student learning, with an emphasis on peer-to-peer coaching

Records evidences and monitors professional growth automatically
Records evidences and monitors professional growth automatically

Cut out all the extra legwork of paper trails and post-meeting paperwork so teachers can concentrate on what really counts!

Faster and less costly than traditional PD
Faster and less costly than traditional PD

Increases implementation of new strategies dramatically and builds a robust, dynamic professional culture of learning—

Delivers strategies that strengthen core instruction
Delivers strategies that strengthen core instruction

And is available for the following topics: Marzano Center Essentials for Achieving Rigor, Ignite Academic Teaming, Formative Assessment, Classroom Core Actions, and School & District Leader Support.

Technology that can enhance professional development for teachers

Teachers appreciate setting their own learning course and collaborating with respected peers; administrators love seeing proof that the investment is paying off.

Reap the Benefits

LSI Growth Tracker is designed to provide relevant, responsible, and respectful professional development for teachers.
Benefits for district and school administrators
  • Ensure ongoing, high-quality, job-embedded PD
  • Strengthen Tier 1 instruction across all classrooms
  • Easily monitor general usage without intruding on teacher privacy
  • Measure the impact of PD investment on teaching and learning
  • Provide personalized learning to individual teachers and teams
  • Build sustainable professional learning communities and teams
  • Focus collaboration time on consistently productive PD
  • Quickly identify super-users who can serve as mentors to others
  • Determine areas of interest to target future PD investment
  • Induct and train new teachers seamlessly
Benefits for teachers
  • Meaningful team meetings focused on teaching and learning
  • Personalized, relevant professional learning
  • Short, “doable” steps within modules and a learning path
  • Emphasis on “how to” and classroom practice
  • Clear guidelines for classroom look-and-learns
  • Helpful, actionable feedback from peers and colleagues
  • Drastically reduced meeting planning and follow-up paperwork
  • Engaging, job-embedded collaboration
  • Risk-free environment for growth
  • Visible progress in student learning

We all share the same goal:
better learning for kids.

Features of the Growth Tracker Teacher Development Software


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Core Features
  • Focused on high-impact strategies from Marzano’s Essentials for Achieving Rigor
  • Aligned with the National Standards for Professional Learning
  • Ability to customize areas of study and select colleagues for collaboration
  • Pre-loaded with suggested meeting agendas
  • Intuitive interface with step-by-step guidance
  • Clear look-and-learn protocol
  • Forums for shared feedback as well as private reflection
  • Automatic documentation of teamwork and meetings
  • Instant reporting on instructional growth as measured by strategy implementation, activity reports showing the top five
  • strategies and most active users, usage metrics showing frequency of each user’s engagement
  • Printable transcript and certificate of completion
Optional Add-Ons
  • Customizable for additional courses
  • Essentials for Achieving Rigor on-site PD
  • School leadership on-site coaching
  • LSI Standards Tracker
Supporting Materials

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