Trend Tracker: Collect, Analyze and Share Field Data with a Few Clicks

Research-based technology to identify trends, democratize data, and raise achievement for all

Simplify and strengthen your data. Slash your walk time.

Classroom walks are a way of life. But they have their challenges. Days are busy and filled with interruptions. Most often when you’re right in the middle of classroom observation.

Trend Tracker technology is a web-based technology that lets you capture, analyze, and share classroom walk-through data in second.

Administrators can now compare and know exactly what’s going on in every school in crisp, clear visual reports. More importantly, know where to target resources for the biggest impact on student success and have the data readily available to back up those decisions.

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Mobile Data Capture

Collect your data on your walkthroughs. Browser-based access means no software to install. Use any tablet or mobile device to easily gather the info you need.

Powerful Research-Based Rubric

To get to root causes it’s critical to know what to look for. The rubric is based on scientifically proven indicators that predict academic success, saving you valuable time.

Share in Seconds

Download to PDF with a few clicks to quickly share with leadership and stakeholders.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Tell an impactful story with clear, simple-to-read views of your data for richer insights and meaningful, evidence-based decisions.

100% Data Coverage

No internet connection while on your walk? Not a problem. Capture data offline without worrying about losing data, then automatically sync when you’re back online.

Picture of: Marian G. Grill

We finally have a single location where we can calibrate same-school walks done by different people. Everyone is on the same page, they know the ‘look fors’ and what needs to be happening in classrooms. Ultimately, the students benefit as we’re looking for best practices and student evidence.

Marian G. GrillCurriculum and Instruction Assistant Principal
Edward Hand Middle School, PA

Assess initiatives to inform decisions, measure SEL and raise student achievement across the board


The CASEL SEL Walk lets you tie the value of SEL and the progression of SEL implementation to your school and district-wide social mission and vision. This will allow for deeper, more personalized insights that will help everyone understand and embrace the change initiatives proposed – and – to ensure success in your collective efforts.


To equip students with 21st-century skills, educators must be fluent in the use of data as a leadership tool. They also need to demonstrate their schools are providing standards-based, rigorous instruction in every classroom. There’s a problem: instructional data can be messy and processing it tricky.

Conditions Walk

In today’s ultra-competitive and complex economy, educators are under tremendous pressure to raise academic performance in a hurry. It’s critical to know if conditions support or get in the way of learning.

Formative Assessment Walk

The Formative Assessment Walk is a quick and easy-to-use tool with questions designed to help school leaders track patterns and trends within a school implementing Dylan Wiliam’s five key strategies of Formative Assessment.

Created for Educators with a Passion for Results

District Leaders

Trend Tracker provides district leaders with a deep dive look at the underlying trends affecting student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and school operations. This fully objective data helps make every leader more decisive and effective in optimizing their education system.

Building Administrators

Principals and assistant principals have hundreds of metrics to measure their school’s progress. Trend Tracker helps collect baseline data around a wide spectrum of effective instructional practices and school conditions. Data-driven feedback will be specific, focused, and descriptive of where the school is now and the direction it is heading.

Meet Kate Wolf, MSEd

KEY ROLES: Director for School Turnaround, School Leadership Coach, Administrator, Curriculum Specialist, Coach and Teacher


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Meet Kate Wolf, MSEd

KEY ROLES: Director for School Turnaround, School Leadership Coach, Administrator, Curriculum Specialist, Coach and Teacher