Increase Engagement,
Decrease Misbehavior and Make Learning Fun

A customizable system for: actively involving students in the success outcomes of their own learning

Student Conversations and Active Learning Tools to Engage K-12 Kids

“I didn’t know my kids could do that!” Have you or your teachers ever uttered those words? When teachers release the learning to the students, their perception of what kids can accomplish changes.

Teaching can be easier and learning should be more fun.

Partner with LSI and together let’s discover more “a ha” moments within your classrooms. Ask me how.


Deana Senn, MSSE

KEY ROLES: Senior Director, Academic Teaming, Education Consultant, Curriculum Specialist, Teacher

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Highly Customized Systems for
Increasing Student Engagement and Motivation:

Students Self-Assessing Lessons in Real-Time
Students Own Their Learning
Engaging Core Instruction & Classroom Management

Students Working with Summarizing Mat

“Kids need to be able to take their wonderful ideas and communicate them in a way that can be heard by a variety of different audiences. We’re getting our kids ready to compete in a world we can’t even imagine.”Alyssa McDonald, English 4 Teacher, and Academic Interventionist, North High School, Des Moines Public Schools

How We Work For You

In school after school, district after district, year after year, we’ve supported the professional development of everyone involved in education. It’s not a one-day course for us: it’s a matter of giving you the tools you can use tomorrow, the next day, and for years to come.

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Research Driven.

Backed by data, supported by proof. We know that a commitment to doing things the right way is never outdated. We evolve today so students can succeed tomorrow.

Flexible and adaptable.

No two schools or districts are alike. While there are common issues and shared goals, our instructors understand each teacher’s needs, so you can succeed in your context.

Measurable and reportable.

LSI goes deep on measuring impact. We offer measurement and actionable reporting to evaluate efficiency and clearly communicate to all of your stakeholders.

Customize Your School or District’s System to Engage and Motivate Reluctant Learners

Scientific data from LSI’s Applied Research Center shows a correlation between learning and how the classroom is run with expectations. Students become engaged when they are given roles and responsibilities.

I want to help your students develop confidence and take active roles in their own learning through collaboration and self-regulation. Together, we can motivate students in the classroom now, especially in Title 1 schools, and after school to escape generational poverty.

Are you tired of short-term wins that don’t get you all the way to where you want your school(s) to be? Let’s set a goal – together and achieve it – together.

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