Classroom & Team Tools

Effective leaders help teachers and teams focus on their most important work by finding ways to make the shift to rigorous, standards-based instruction easier, faster, and more rewarding.

Here you’ll find links to our tech tools, classroom supports, and additional trainings that help teachers and teams.

  • Quickly map out standards-based scope and sequence
  • Collect on-the-spot data about which students are on track to proficiency
  • Collaborate through shared professional learning, look-and-learns, and peer feedback
  • Leverage classroom iPads to collect evidence of learning while engaging students
  • Strengthen instructional effectiveness through brain-based learning techniques
  • Embrace the shift to rigorous, standards-based instruction with confidence and commitment

Support and sustain professional learning.



How do you close significant learning gaps? One learning target at a time, every day.

Meet the Standards Tracker, a web-based application that streamlines creating rigorous standards-based lessons, defining success criteria, and tracking student progress toward proficiency.

During daily instruction, teachers simply tap the screen to collect evidence of each student’s learning—leaving plenty of time to discover who needs intervention or additional support.

Standards Tracker benefits

  • Ensure rigorous, standards-based instruction in every classroom
  • Accelerate learning for all students
  • Quickly align scope & sequence to preloaded standards
  • Easily check whether lessons are rigorous enough
  • Engage students in owning learning goals
  • Collect learning data without additional testing
  • Identify students in need of intervention
  • Differentiate instruction on the spot
  • Create personalized learning reports and plans
  • Monitor student learning progress by student, skill, lesson, or standard
  • See the daily results of instruction by student, unit, lesson, or standard

Dramatic gains, fast.

Find out what Standards Tracker can do for you.



Meet the Growth Tracker, a web-based PD tool that empowers teacher teams to focus team time on honing instructional skills and classroom rigor.

Teams get step-by-step guidance for structuring meetings, a library of short practical modules on high-impact instructional strategies, a learning path for working through the content, and a protocol for “look and learns” to support implementing, evaluating, and adjusting strategies in the classroom.

While teams are hard at work learning, Growth Tracker documents their activities and tracks professional growth automatically—no more paper trails and post-meeting busywork.

Growth Tracker benefits

  • Provide job-embedded professional development focused on learning
  • Build sustainable professional learning communities and teams
  • Strengthen Tier 1 instruction across all classrooms
  • Induct and train new teachers seamlessly
  • Ensure consistently productive, focused use of collaboration time
  • Eliminate meeting paperwork and documentation
  • Identify potential coaches and mentors
  • Determine common areas of interest to target future PD

Power up teacher teams.

Find out what Growth Tracker can do for you.



iPads are becoming a classroom staple to engage tech-savvy students and promote 21st century skills. The potential for teaching and learning goes far beyond cool programs for kids, however; some apps allow teachers to get instant feedback on student learning as well.

Our iPads in the Classroom training, based on the work of Justin Reich and Tom Daccord, is a hands-on session focusing on three powerful apps for teaching and learning.

Participants become comfortable using innovative technology and leave with a toolbox of approaches, activities, and resources that empower students to demonstrate their learning in creative, impactful ways.

iPads in the Classroom training benefits

  • Learn how to use an iPad to gather evidence of student learning
  • Understand the features of three learning-centered apps
  • Differentiate among the learning goals of each of the selected apps
  • Discover how to assess levels of complexity using the apps
  • Gain insight into student learning by leveraging data collected by the apps
  • Develop confidence navigating basic features of the iPad and its operating system
  • Create and facilitate digital formative assessments at multiple levels of complexity
  • Gather evidence of student learning at multiple levels of complexity

You’ve got the technology.

Now get the training to use it for learning.



Affordable. Long lasting. Teacher-friendly. Research-based. Practical.

These are just a few perks of books and at-a-glance quick reference guides (QRGs). Long after a face-to-face training, teachers and teams can turn to these well-loved, dog-eared and highlighted resources to help retain new information, deepen their understanding, and refine their practice.

Talk to us about a custom collection of books and quick reference guides at discounted prices for volume purchases.

Outfit every teacher with resources.

With bulk discounts on books and references guides, you can.



Thanks to advances in science and research, we know more than ever before about how the brain learns. It’s no surprise to LSI that rigorous thinking is one key to deep learning. But how can we translate complex scientific findings into accessible, practical information?

To help educators better understand how to harness the power of educational neuroscience, we’ve partnered with renowned expert Dr. David Sousa to design our Brain-Based Learning training for leaders and teachers.

As always at LSI, this training focuses on making the core content clear and relevant for classroom and school application.

Teachers will learn how to elevate classroom instruction and assessment and increase student achievement; leaders will learn how to recognize and support brain-based teaching and learning.

To eliminate all doubt, the Brain-Based Learning session is followed by a classroom walkthrough and debriefing to ensure everyone is ready for immediate implementation. Best of all, this session delivers techniques that work with any instructional model.


Brain-Based Learning training benefits

  • Learn how brain-based practices raise achievement
  • Understand the five brain processes involved in learning
  • Recognize student behaviors that emerge during learning
  • Discover how rigorous thinking helps students retain learning
  • Accelerate student learning using brain-based techniques in the classroom
  • Learn how to provide meaningful instructional leadership using brain-based rubrics and feedback tools
  • Use walkthrough data to design a schoolwide action plan for implementing brain-based learning

Tap into hidden strengths.

Find out how to maximize the learning process.



When the road to rigor seems long and daunting, a strong school culture provides strength and motivation every day to staff and students who are working harder than ever before.

In response to a growing need for a message of hope, we put together the SOAR School-Year Theme Kit to remind us why student achievement is such a worthwhile goal--and to build confidence that together, we can and will succeed, like never before.

Practical and inspirational, SOAR connects students, teachers, administrators, and parents in a shared mission to embrace and master instructional shifts that deepen learning.

Packed with resources to strengthen teamwork, initiate guiding conversations, focus instruction, and inspire commitment, the SOAR School-Year Theme Kit contains everything you need to boost morale and create a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.


Each kit contains:

  • CD complete with a sample agenda pack
  • Fresh ideas for SOAR-themed meetings and activities
  • DVD with strategies to motivate your team
  • 10 full-color motivational posters
  • 5 laminated SOAR Quick Reference Guides
  • The SOAR Rubric, a tool for standards-based lesson plans
  • 5 illustrated SOAR notepads for amplifying team-based encouragement
  • 2 copies of Who Moved My Standards?

Build strong culture.

Harness the power of story to motivate and inspire.