Coaching for Implementation



At LSI, we don’t do PD halfway. When you commit to training teachers in The Essentials for Achieving Rigor, we’re going to suggest content-aligned training for coaches and instructional leaders--period.

Coaching for implementation protects your PD investment. Without coaching, research shows PD gets 5% transference of new knowledge into classroom practice; with it, 95%. Frankly, 5% just isn’t good enough.

Sustainable gains happen when schools build internal capacity and provide teachers with specific, meaningful feedback on instruction and assessment.

If you can’t trace the impact of your PD on student learning, then it’s time to reevaluate why professional development hasn’t yet taken root in practice. We’re confident coaching will help.

Whether your coaching program has been going strong for years or is just starting, we’ll work with you to make sure instructional leaders know exactly how to support significant shifts in classroom practice to get the results everyone craves.

With LSI’s coaching for implementation, everyone shares the same goals, language, and commitment. This personal, small-group training forges the connection between rigorous core instruction and leadership practices that leads to student success.

Impact every classroom.

Train coaches and instructional leaders to extend their reach.


When it comes to raising student achievement quickly, consistently, and sustainably, there’s only silver bullet: highly effective teachers.

Wherever your students are in their learning--whether they come to school working at grade level or not, speaking English fluently or not, from homes full of books or not--a highly effective teacher is their best hope of succeeding.

Learning, four times faster

  • Research shows that students learn four times faster with a highly effective teacher than with an ineffective teacher.
  • Think about that.
  • Students with great teachers learn in six months instead of twenty-four.
  • Do your students have two years to spare?

An effective teacher is a student’s best hope. A great coach is a teacher’s best hope.

Work with us to unlock next-level professional development for all your staff.

Shorten the learning curve.

Ensure highly effective teaching in every classroom.


See how coaching fueled learning in Princeton, MN.

Common language, collaboration between stakeholders, and a shared vision have been the nuts and bolts of making this [instructional] model effective. What is truly exciting is to hear from teachers as they implement the various elements and how it impacts student learning.

-Katherine Bishop,
National Board Certified Teacher, Lake Park Elementary, OK



Coaching ensures the quality of instruction in every classroom is top notch. We’ll equip coaches and instructional leaders to provide teachers with meaningful feedback and support as they implement changes in instruction and assessment.

We’ll highlight research-based strategies that support instructional shifts to rigor. We’ll explain what rigor “looks like” and how to provide specific, helpful suggestions on implementation issues--the actual issues happening in real time in your school.

Along the way, coaches and leaders will learn protocols for classroom observation and dialogue that empower and nurture teacher effectiveness.

Coaching Benefits

  • Aligns the work of instructional leaders and teachers
  • Creates a common language and shared focus
  • Ensures implementation is taking root and impacting student learning
  • Closes the knowing-doing gap
  • Raises achievement quickly by targeting practices that directly impact learning
  • Scaffolds your PD investment by addressing your unique implementation challenges
  • Builds a shared mental model of successful implementation
  • Develops sustainable culture, technique, and focus for ongoing coaching
  • Revitalizes professional learning

Coaching for implementation pays off.

Don’t settle for 5% transference into practice. Ensure sustainable gains from your PD investment.



Each coaching session is jam-packed with strategies, tailored to your team’s needs, and always focused on the ultimate goal: student success.

Coaching for instructional leaders and coaches is designed to align with specific PD days for teachers to ensure a tight fit in learning

Coaching is tailored to your school’s current training format—whether we’re working with an established team, experienced instructional leaders, or a group of newbie teachers

Coaching happens in a small group with personalized training to meet targeted needs

Coaching strategies support instructional leaders as they oversee teacher implementation, visit classrooms or examine artifacts, and offer specific feedback for growth  

Coaching uses real-life situations in your school rather than hypothetical situations. Participants experience active learning by doing.

Coaching can readily integrate training on LSI tech tools such as iObservation and Standards Tracker