Formative Assessment


How would learning change if teachers could predict exactly where each student needed more help? Formative assessment is the secret superpower of great teaching.

Our Strategic Formative Assessment training, developed with world-renowned expert Dylan Wiliam, delivers five simple, powerful strategies that transform teaching and learning--without requiring more testing or creating more stress.

Strategic Formative Assessment gives teachers x-ray vision to see where students struggle and to provide targeted support—before the big test.

With our help, your teachers will discover they’ve got everything it takes to not only prepare students for success academically, but to develop lifelong learners who are more self-confident and engaged than ever before.

Concerned about how teachers will keep instruction going full blast while also monitoring learning?

No problem. We offer tech tools for simplifying data collection and gauging proficiency on the fly, without interrupting the flow of teaching.

Get x-ray specs for learning.

Learn how formative assessment brings teachers and students together.


Students have learning superpowers. When they understand exactly what the target is, where they are, and what they need to do to reach the target, they can soar.

Too often, however, students aren’t sure why they aren’t succeeding. Tests only assign a grade; struggling students may simply give up.

Teachers aren’t always sure why students fail, either. Everyone wants to know how to spot learning problems early and head them off at the pass--before the unit, semester, or school year tests.  

The missing link between teaching and learning

  • Our workshops were designed with formative assessment pioneer Dr. Dylan Wiliam.
  • We’ll train teachers to collect leading indicators of learning.
  • They’ll use that information to adjust instruction.
  • Then they’ll learn how to provide meaningful feedback.
  • They’ll find out how to maximize collaborative learning techniques.
  • The result? Students will be be newly motivated and empowered to do their best work.

Many educators already regularly check for understanding as they teach. With deeper implementation of a few key practices, they can reap the full benefits of truly formative assessment--assessment that informs teaching and learning.

Your students are going to surprise you.

Once students understand the learning target and the path to get there, they will knock themselves out striving to learn. The more success they experience, the more confident and proactive they become in pursuing their learning.

Take out the guesswork.

Empower teachers with proven Strategic Formative Assessment strategies.


Read “Optimizing Talent: Closing Educational Gaps Worldwide.”

Explore assessment research and strategies.

See what Dylan Wiliam says about the power of formative assessment.


Three one-day Strategic Formative Assessment trainings will empower teachers to quickly identify learning gaps, adjust instruction to address them, and harness the power of student engagement to close them.


Learn more about how Strategic Formative Assessment targets critical classroom practices that impact learning, and check out related tools to help scale implementation and teacher growth across an entire school or district.

Read details of individual workshops.

Scaffold PD learning with print resources.

Close daily learning gaps using Standards Tracker.