Teach for Results


Equip teachers with techniques proven to close significant learning gaps. LSI’s focused set of instructional strategies have increased teacher effectiveness in schools of all shapes and sizes. We can help you, too!

With aligned support including training, coaching, and technology as well as books, quick reference guides, free team tools, white papers, and more, you’ll find everything you need to raise achievement across a school or a district.

We’ve teamed up with pioneering minds like Robert J. Marzano and Dylan Wiliam to create intensive, innovative PD on core instruction and formative assessment. We leverage decades of peer-reviewed research and millions of data points we’ve collected from real classrooms.

Our content-neutral trainings can be easily incorporated with existing programs and curriculum

We’ll show teachers how to use leading indicators and tailor instruction so that every student succeeds, and we’ll show instructional leaders how to support teachers in making the shift to rigorous, student-driven learning.

Get ready for results.

Turn classrooms into creative spaces of discovery and excitement!