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Make the Shift from Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered

Meet the Needs, Interests, and Aspirations of Every Student

Student-Led Academic Teaming Is Now Being Practiced in over 1,000 Classrooms

Thousands are Making the Shift

Academic Teaming Academy – based on a groundbreaking 10,000 student-research study on Student-led Academic Teaming – is a systematic way to inspire increased student engagement and collaboration.

The content is insightful, actionable and very doable. It can be applied in classrooms the very next day and includes classroom-ready materials.

Become Great at Student-Centered Teaching

Without Investing Additional Resources

Student-centered learning is one of the hottest topics in education because, when done right, it WORKS. With Student-led Academic Teaming schools and districts of all sizes, in all demographics, are closing learning gaps and increasing achievement faster and more efficiently by thinking and operating very differently.

Ready-to-use classroom materials and how to guides enable teachers to initiate student-centered learning strategies the very next day.

If your school isn't there yet, Academic Teaming Academy will position instructional coaches to powerfully and credibly evangelize and lead what could be the most impactful growth strategy your school has ever employed – without making any change to your curriculum or requiring additional resources.

Jill Gessling, Instructional Coach

The students are engaged in productive struggle, while working in collaborative teams, and also show ownership of learning.

Jill Gessling
Instructional Coach

Academic Teaming Academy = Happier Teachers and Increased Student Achievement

The digital age has changed education forever. It has given children unlimited choices. However, in some cases, it's caused social disconnection. With Academic Teaming Academy you will learn how to cut through the digital noise and inspire students to interact with each other.

Make every student feel safe, welcome and inspired. Then, even the most reluctant students will blossom and grow.

Student-Centered Learning


  • Engagement
  • Motivation
  • SEL skills
  • Attendance


  • Rigor
  • Standards
  • 21st century skills
  • College ready


  • Closing the achievement gap of subgroups
  • Raising proficiency
  • Increase growth scores
  • Graduation rate

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Professional Development Teachers Love That Raises Student Engagement

Teachers taking part in an Academic Teaming PD day


Ready-to-Use Classroom Resources
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Ready-to-Use Classroom Materials

Children working together with an Academic Teaming kit

Next-Day Impact
for Students

Empower Your Students to Learn in a Different Way

  • Student-centered learning
  • Social Emotional Learning focus
  • Easy-to-use Teacher and Student tools
  • Increase classroom rigor
  • Close learning gaps for subgroups
  • Align to standards
  • Improve attendance
  • Increase teacher retention

This Professional Development is Essential if You Want...

  • Something that really moves the needle
  • Better classroom behavior
  • Increased SEL
  • More student motivation and increased rigor in the classroom
  • Your classrooms to rise to a new level
  • Improved scores through differentiated learning
  • Happy effective teachers
  • A shift from student proficiency to growth

Academic Teaming Academy Helps Any School Thrive

William D. Moseley Elementary School in Putnam County, Florida, was historically a low-performing school, but always had the potential for greatness, though the school faced a difficult journey.

After two years of intensive work, focusing on Academic Teaming implementation, Moseley transcended from an "F" school to a "C", and even more so a school where other parents are eager to enroll their children. It was the first time the school had earned a "C" in nine years.

Moseley's Grade Increased 16%

In two years, Moseley increased from a "F" to a "C" school letter grade. This equates to moving 16 percent points from a 28% (F < 31%) to 44% (C > 41%)

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Experience a fun, engaging, and collaborative training day that helps teachers implement the classroom resources to deliver immediate impact.

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The Learning Sciences Promise

A group of teachers working together on Academic Teaming PD

At Learning Sciences, we hold ourselves accountable to help you achieve your goals. Student-led Academic teaming has the power to improve academic achievement and social-emotional learning simultaneously, while also closing gaps between students of differing abilities, preparing students for college and the workplace, and promoting equity and access.

  • You will receive high-quality, research-based ready-to-use classroom resources for teachers that deliver immediate student impact.
  • Your Professional Development program will be applicable to all teachers, at all levels, and will impact all students at all levels and capabilities.
  • You will have access to ongoing resources to support implementation.

Why Trust Learning Sciences for Your Professional Development?

At Learning Sciences International (LSI), we know you want to be a respected and innovative school leader who can plan quality learning for teachers that increases collaboration and makes a difference in the classroom. To do that, you need a Professional Development (PD) solution that delivers high value, can help fix big problems, is loved and embraced by teachers, and delivers immediate impact for students. The problem is often you have limited time to investigate the many solutions available and you're not sure which ones will deliver what you need.

We believe you should be able to implement PD that not only benefits teachers but provides significant and immediate student impact. As former school leaders, we have experienced these same challenges.

We know all too well what it is like when PD fails and have experienced it ourselves. That’s why LSI created an academic teaming PD solution with ready-to-use classroom materials teachers and students love that delivers next day impact with students. Our solution is research-based and field-tested. With a proven track record over 23 years, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.

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